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Napping for more than an hour linked to premature death
Published on: 2020-08-28
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napping 02An afternoon snooze may seem harmless, however, new research suggests drifting off for more than an hour may be bad for our health.

Around a third of Britons are said to battle insomnia. While a night of tossing and turning may leave you feeling fatigued and irritable the next day, long term sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The benefits of naps have been debated, with studies previously linking too many daytime snoozes to heart disease.

To learn more, scientists from Guangzhou Medical University in China looked at over 313,000 people from 20 studies.

Results suggest napping for more than an hour is linked to a 30% higher risk of premature death and 34% greater odds of developing heart disease.

napping 01Napping for less than an hour, however, may boost heart health in those who struggle to sleep at night, added the scientists.

“If you want to take a siesta, our study indicates it’s safest to keep it under an hour,” said study author Dr Zhe Pan.

“For those of us not in the habit of a daytime slumber, there is no convincing evidence to start.”

According to the NHS, most adults need between six and nine hours of sleep a day.

A night staring at the ceiling may affect your focus the following morning, however, the odd bout of insomnia is not associated with lingering health concerns.

napping 03People who frequently struggle to nod off come nighttime may rely on an afternoon nap to get them through the day, with studies throwing up mixed results as to whether they are good for us.

“Daytime napping is common all over the world and is generally considered a healthy habit,” said Dr Pan.

“A common view is napping improves performance and counteracts the negative consequences of ‘sleep debt’.

Although unclear, napping has been linked to higher levels of inflammation, which may trigger heart disease.

The results further revealed, however, napping for less than an hour was not linked to any adverse health events.

“The results suggest shorter naps (especially those less than 30 to 45 minutes) might improve heart health in people who sleep insufficiently at night,” added Dr Pan.








该研究的主要作者、广州医科大学第一附属医院的Zhe Pan博士说:“白天小睡在世界各地都很常见,通常被认为是一种健康习惯。”













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