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Urban space with life—HIMALAYA
Published on: 2020-11-05
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Tianjin – based on existing understandings – is a place of gentle warmth and laughter, where people enjoy minor pleasures like chess and strolling; it is almost as though, by following after the leisurely pace of the Tianjin people, can one acquaint themselves with Tianjin.


But how does one come to understand Tianjin?

himalaya 01地域如人,各有底色。在时代、自然、历史的不断交织中,衍化出独特的文明气质,成就一方津沽底蕴。

Each region is like each and every one of us – unique, with our own individual backgrounds. Through continuous interweaving of time, nature and history; coalescing into a story that is one-of-a-kind.







He is a Bohai Pearl by the Haihe River

With more than 600 years of history

A permanent population of more than 15 million

6 years of integration with Beijing

Making this city even more meaningful

Vigorous, prosperous, but ever steady

himalaya 02天津城市实景


Tianjin has the elegant title of the “concession of nine countries”. Wandering around the “Five Avenues”, one can immerse themselves in the exotic architecture and the romantic Italian concession, enjoy the beauty of the prosperous banks of Haihe River and the refreshing Water Park. Over here, there is authentic Western food, and even fresh German dark beer. Just like as depicted in the world-renowned painting “Along the River during Qingming Festival”, this is a place to witness the hustle and bustle of the everyday cultural life of people.

himalaya 03天津城市实景


Bringing together the architecture of many places, the wide plethora of specialty delicacies, the long robes, the brewed teas, the crosstalk, the Zhang claystatues, the Wei kites, the Liu brick carvings – all of which amalgamate into a vibrant conversation. These are symbols of culture and life in this enigmatic center, constituting the unique emotional expression of Tianjin, to the world.

himalaya 04说起津门,我们总能联想到那承载着一代又一津门人文化记忆的百年南开。他是久负盛名的学府圣地,是奥城时代的繁华商贸、也天津大胡同的曲艺盎然,历史的脉络与时代的风潮在这里奔涌澎湃……

When speaking of Jinmen, one will naturally think of the centuries-old Nankai that embodies the cultural memory of generations of Jinmen people. It is the prestigious and sacred university land, the prosperous trade region, the cultural soul of the Tianjin hutongs. Over here, we have the confluence of the tides of history and the contemporary.

himalaya 05南开大学


The beautiful Nankai today is a place that has accumulated more than 600 years of Tianjin’s culture, coming from a long history of cultural significance, and constantly emanating a new vitality that is no less congruent with the world today.

himalaya 06南开鸟瞰图


From China’s higher education and scientific research base, to the Tianjin Trade Center, the northern economic center, and the crux where the brightest minds of Tianjin and China come together to brainstorm; every step elegant and precise, towards the path of Tianjin’s further development, connecting Tianjin’s glorious past and its limitless future.

himalaya 07当城市的文明流向趋同,中心领地也应当拥有一个共享生活、共享人文的会客厅,让居者拥有生活与精神上的双重交流栖息。

As the ebb and flow of civilizations converge, in its core should be a living room, a place where life and humanities can be shared, a habitat for all residents to connect both in life and in spirit.

himalaya 08南开喜马拉雅实景图


At Nankai, Himalaya integrates the cultural heritage of Jinggu, with a global vision for tolerance and openness, to create an urban living room that integrates life, leisure, business, entertainment and social interaction for the elites.



Fusion of prosperity and tranquility

A new place for comfort


In the modern Chinese society, everyone has their own way of life that they identify with and strive towards. Simultaneously, our fast-paced world is one where information constantly encroaches on our everyday life. Amidst the noise,the hustle and the bombardment that repeatedly scream for our attention, there is a richer, a more authentic, a multi-dimensional space, that will remind one of a luxurious existence.

himalaya 09南开喜马拉雅实景图



A new place that knows what you want and need

Adapting to your desires, at your point of need


At Himalaya Nankai, it is understood that there is more than one side to life. The shared spaces create new opportunities for more vibrancy and vitality, bringing opportunities for cultural and ideological collisions,


In the morning, take in the splendid view of the sky outside your window, setting the mood for the day.

himalaya 10南开喜马拉雅-早餐厅


The meticulously prepared breakfast is personally served by the waiter; let the flavors from the diverse delicacies explode at the tip of your tongue.

私密的商务空间,时刻为你安全、体面地举办高级别会议和商务接待。Private business spaces to hold high-level meetings and business receptions seamlessly.

himalaya 11南开喜马拉雅-机遇空间

在机遇空间,感受城市精英带来的头脑风暴,至高处寻找商业的合伙人。In this place of opportunity, experience the coming together of the brightest minds, and, perhaps, find a new person to connect with.

himalaya 12南开喜马拉雅-健身中心


The Fitness Center, where healthy bodies and minds are built. The endorphins released and the strength and determination cultivated will accompany you on your journey to new career peaks.

himalaya 13南开喜马拉雅-行政酒廊


In the evening, connect with other elites living here through a casual wine party at the Executive Lounge. The relaxed atmosphere, the soothing music, the taste of style in the glass between your hands; through which, let yourself be carried away by the emotional connections that resonate between the people, the space and time, in the uniquely designed place of the Himalaya Club.


The trend of globalization and Jinmen’s historical heritage synthesize with each other here. At Himalaya Nankai, you can immerse yourself in a new life experience, in the cultural core of this electrifying city. Allow yourself to shake away your apprehensions and anxieties; come home to connect with your authentic self.himalaya 14

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