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Hebei locks down communities, villages after exposure to Tianjin COVID-19 case
Published on: 2020-11-23
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Hebei province locked down four residential communities and two villages in Tangshan's Luannan county on Friday after it was noticed that one of the four people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Tianjin had traveled to the county.

A man, surnamed Yang, is a resident of the Kanhaixuan residential community in Tianjin, according to the city's center for disease control and prevention. Along with three other people, Yang was confirmed positive for the coronavirus early on Friday.

He drove to Qiuzhuangzi village in Datuoli town in Luannan county, about 100 kilometers northeast of Tianjin, on Sunday, according to a notice by the county's anti-COVID-19 working group.

After arriving in the village at about 2 pm, Yang met with his brother and sister-in-law. He also went to a local clinic to buy medicine.

Yang then went to his home in the Anping residential community in Luannan, after which he met with one of his neighbors. At about 5 pm, he went to the Hongxin restaurant and had dinner with seven other people. After dinner, he walked home.

At about 7 am the next morning, Yang drove to a local drugstore to measure blood glucose and buy medicine. Then he walked to a restaurant for breakfast by himself.

After the meal, he drove to a market to buy fruit, vegetables and seafood, all paid via his phone. Yang then left Luannan county and drove back to Tianjin.

The notice said that anyone who had encountered Yang should report to the local government as soon as possible. They have also been ordered to stay home in self-quarantine.

If anyone tries to hide the truth about contact with Yang, he or she will be punished if serious results follow, the notice said.

Places with exposed people have been put under lockdown. Residents must abide by lockdown measures, including being tested for coronavirus tests, staying at home and registering body temperatures, the notice said.

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