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Hebei virus strain may have originated from Russia
Published on: 2021-01-08
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The COVID-19 strains found in Hebei Province — where there has seen a rapid surge in cases — may have originated in Russia, according to a research paper published on China CDC Weekly.

Researchers analyzed the sequences of samples of two Hebei COVID-19 patients — one from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang and the other from Xingtai — and found the genomic characteristics of the strains differed from recent strains detected in China.

After accessing the public database GISAID and GenBank, three Russian strains detected in July were found to share 10 variation sites with the two Hebei strains. Three unique sites detected in the Russian strains were seen in the Hebei strains.

The two patients tested positive for the virus on January 2. Neither had traveled abroad before being diagnosed.


1月6日,《China CDCweekly 》《中国疾病预防控制中心周报(英文)》刊发的中疾控与河北省疾控中心撰写的文章称,该中心1月2日对石家庄确诊病例(A)和邢台确诊病例(B)的样本进行基因组测序,结果显示,该毒株与我国既往已报道的输入性病例以及国内由输入导致的本土聚集性疫情的病毒的基因组不存在关联性,说明不是近期国内各地本土疫情导致的继发性传播,导致这起疫情的病毒溯源工作正在开展之中。



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