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Men fly from Hangzhou to Tianjin to work every week, monthly toll exceed 4,000
Published on: 2021-12-07
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Recently, a post about “the farthest commute to get off work” went viral on a forum in Hangzhou. The migrant workers all talked about their furthest way to work, some from Xiaoshan to Shanghai, some from Binjiang to Shanghai, and some from across the entire city of Xiaoshan…until Xu Xufeng’s weekly commute story came out.

Every Monday morning at 5:30, Hangzhou native Xu Xufeng will wake up naturally. Hurry up to wash and go out, get on the Didi Express that was approving in advance, and head straight to Xiaoshan Airport.

More than half an hour’s drive, arrived at the airport more than 6 o’clock. At 6:50, the Xiamen Airlines MF8971 bound for Tianjin Binhai Airport took off on time. Putting on the blindfold on the plane, Xu Xushan slept for another two hours.

At 8:55, Xu Xufeng arrived at the T2 terminal of Tianjin Binhai Airport. After getting on the car that had been parked in the basement of the airport for three days, Xu Xufeng continued to run on his way to the company. Arrived at the car dealership in Tianjin Free Trade Zone at 9:30 a.m., the time was just right, Xu Xufeng quickly plunged into his busy work on Monday.

Xu Xufeng’s monthly transportation expenses exceeded RMB 4,000, and he recorded 68 flights a year. The reason why he lives in the “Twin Cities” like this is mainly for his family. After the post was sent, some netizens asked, why not go back to Hangzhou to work? Xu Xufeng said that if you give up the foundation laid by Tianjin and return to Hangzhou, you will have to bear great risks.



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