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Somerset serviced residences Mid-Autumn Festival celebration
Published on: 2010-09-21
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As a tribute to one of China’s well-loved festival, Somerset Youyi Tianjin celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with a delightful array of presentations, food, drinks, fun games, surprises, and of course, mooncakes.

Traditional Chinese music filled the air as guests, some wearing traditional Chinese dresses, helped themselves to delicious food and drinks at Somerset’s forecourt where the whole celebration was held.

Ritual of Moon worship started the event as worshipers dressed in Chinese traditional costumes came in presenting pastries, burning joss sticks and expressing good wishes to the Chinese goddess of the moon. Somerset residents and their friends, foreigners and locals alike witnessed a simple but meaningful presentation of what it’s like to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Another highlight of the night was China’s ancient form of entertainment and storytelling – Shadow Puppetry. Its illuminated backdrop and moving images of warriors, princes, and animals provided everybody a look at China’s colorful and creative culture. Those who were curious about shadow puppetry play were given a chance to try. Excited guests lined up to try, many of which were the young ones who did Shadow puppetry not only with much gusto but also with much laughter.

And just when you thought moon worship and shadow puppetry were enough, Somerset also prepared games and raffle draws for everybody. Winners received souvenirs, a lovely addition to an already wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

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