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School bus forcibly pushes car aside amid U-turn dispute in Shanghai
Published on: 2024-05-29
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A school bus forcibly pushed a car aside amid a U-turn dispute in eastern China.

The video was filmed in Shanghai on May 27. A bus and a black car in a standoff for about 10 seconds, with the bus driver attempting to reverse. There was a sound of impact and tires scraping against the road as the car, originally parked horizontally on the road, was pushed aside by the bus, turning nearly 90 degrees.

After about 4 seconds of forward motion, the bus finally stopped, amidst continuous screams from onlookers. The security guards at the scene seemed helpless, while a passerby appeared to be admonishing them for their inaction.

Reportedly, the bus was carrying passengers at the time, and it was a commuter bus for faculty and staff of the Xianda College of Economics & Humanities Shanghai International Studies University, located near the scene.

According to preliminary investigations, the 37-year-old man named Wu driving a car with his wife and child, obstructed the passage of a bus while making a U-turn at the intersection, leading to a dispute with the bus driver, a 54-year-old named Mr. Jin.

Subsequently, Mr. Jin drove the bus and pushed aside the car, causing minor abrasions to Mr. Wu's wife, Ms. Guo's, leg, which were treated without major complications.

Currently, the bus driver, Mr. Jin, has been apprehended by the police, and the case is under further investigation.



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