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WINE NOTES: Champagne
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altHello. I trust you have all enjoyed some great Malbec wines this past October. 
November to me is always a very exciting month. It is the time when we gear up for Thanksgiving, put our final touches for Christmas and New Year Events as well as finalizing what our Lunar New Year Specials will be.
To put it plainly, November to me begins the festive season and with that, obviously, lots of celebrations. What better way then, than to get a jump start on the season with Champagne.
Produced mainly from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meuniere, this wine goes through a second fermentation that allows for the carbonation to take place, in other words the wonderful bubbles that excite us all as they are being poured.
Champagne has had an association with power and luxury since the 17th century as it was used during the anointment of kings. But enough history and more to modern life.
At St. Regis, Champagne is the hero of our evening ritual – a transitional experience from day to evening that is celebrated every Thursday at The St. Regis Bar in the art of ‘sabrage’ - the cutting of the bottle’s neck with a sabre.
Throughout our hotels worldwide, a tantalizing selection of Champagne is widely available in our menus; paired with the most exquisite dishes from renowned Chefs.
altHere in Tianjin, we invite you this November to begin your festive season with us at The St. Regis Bar. On Thursdays, experience a delicious buffet and witness the ‘sabering’ of the bottle yourself – small recommendation, do not take pictures but video as it happens in a split of a second.
On any given day though, pass by and ask our team at the St. Regis Bar to teach you this Napoleonic art with any purchase of Champagne; especially so every Saturday as all our bottles of this delicious bubbly elixir are at 50% off.
I look forward then to welcoming you this month and meeting you personally over a beautiful, cold, bubbly glass of Champagne. 

By Oscar Martinez 
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