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Auto collision experiment conducted in Tianjin
Published on: 2009-08-26
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An auto collision experiment was conducted in northern city of Tianjin on Sunday. The exercise is aimed at reducing the injuries to pedestrian when they are struck by vehicles. It's the first test conducted in China.

At the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, a vehicle hits a crash test dummy at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. A high speed camera records test.

Zhou Qing from Tsing Hua University, said, "From the video we can see the knees of the crash test dummy first touching bumper. And then dummy's head touches the engine hood."The impact points on the vehicle are the bumper and engine hood. If automobile manufacturers use new technology and material in their designs, it can produce a cushion effect for a pedestrian.

Liu Yuguang from China Automotive Technology & Research Center, said, "When a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, if the engine hood and bumper can absorb the force for of the impact, the blow to the pedestrian will be reduced."

Statistics shows 26 percent of deaths in domestic traffic accidents involve pedestrians. About 20 thousands people die each year in traffic accidents.

Liu Yuguang said, "Our country has drawn up a technical standard aiming to protect the safety of pedestrians."The draft is entering the approval phase. The final standard is expected to be made public at the end of year.

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