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251 Singaporeans prefer Chinese and Caucasians in inter-cultural romance Helen 1024
252 Cute Kids Walk The Ramp at China Fashion Week 2018 Helen 977
253 15-year-old Chinese student pens magic novel in English Helen 1042
254 Is Chinese one of the hardest languages to learn in the world? Helen 914
255 China's social security for foreigners Helen 941
256 Ambiguous Visa Requirements for Expat English Teachers Helen 929
257 Train carriage was transformed into an audiobook library Helen 1044
258 Facekini inventor launches winter design Helen 986
259 Foreigners compete to study in China Helen 1192
260 China to improve entry-exit services Helen 870
261 WeChat voting becomes money-making opportunity in China Helen 912
262 First 'Smart Gas Station' will launch Helen 942
263 Police robots target highway traffic violations in Beijing Helen 856
264 Trial operation of Beijing's maglev line to start Helen 926
265 Children taking mom's surname widely accepted Helen 923
266 WeChat users cannot changes profiles until end of October Helen 947
267 Beijing to build cycle-only expressway Helen 951
268 Window or Aisle? Train Riders Can Finally Choose Helen 925
269 Forbidden City announces tickets now only available online Helen 1015
270 Chinese tourists are finding new favorites for their trips Helen 1012
271 800,000 Chinese went on study tour abroad Helen 1045
272 Yahoo hack affects millions of Chinese users Helen 935
273 China sets 23 million population limit for Beijing Helen 1033
274 AI to Monitor Pedestrians and Vehicles Helen 1101
275 This drone can take off and land on water Helen 1033
276 Air pollution is causing its residents to die three years early Helen 956
277 Domestic airlines to lift ban on phones Helen 975
278 30,000 run Beijing Marathon under blue skies Helen 1057
279 World's oldest panda dies aged 37 Helen 1249
280 Personal bodyguard app launched Helen 1320
281 6 Millions Chinese will travel abroad during Golden Week Helen 1267
282 Beijing bans new shared bikes as cause chaos Helen 1251
283 Hospital deemed negligent that led to a pregnant woman suicide Helen 1260
284 McDonald's to stop using chicken reared with antibiotics Helen 1198
285 Pregnant woman dies after family refuse to give consent over caesarean section Helen 1172
286 Police knocks down woman and child over parking dispute Helen 1278
287 Blackpool Ballroom Dance Festival comes to China Helen 1156
288 American designer helps bring out the beauty of Chinese culture Helen 1218
289 Share-Stools often stolen Helen 1114
290 Beijing transit opens smartphone payments to all except Apple Helen 1125
291 Mother tries to mail her baby to an orphanage Helen 1133
292 Mini gyms launched in China Helen 1134
293 Man tries to smuggle human arms through customs Helen 1180
294 Be at the Tip of 14th World Tallest Building without any safety equipment! Helen 1197
295 19 killed in 7.0 magnitude quake in Sichuan Helen 1169
296 Foreigners compete for influence in China’s booming internet celebrity biz Helen 1152
297 Ctrip and Baidu launch translation service for Chinese tourists abroad Helen 1208
298 Online education programs hire foreign teachers with strong accents Helen 1120
299 Chinese girl earns Golden Buzzer on "America's Got Talent" show Helen 1095
300 Beijing's First Maglev Train Being Tested Helen 1101

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