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Downtown Tianjin – Enchantment of Ancient Times

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Tianjin's Attractions

Haihe River 海河
The “Mother River” of Tianjin, the Haihe covers 300,000 square kilometers. It is admired for its natural beauty and historical importance.

Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park 滨海航母主题公园
Seven-square-kilometer military theme park featuring tours, role playing, survival training, leisure, activities and film shooting.   Address: Baguatan, Yingchengzhen, Hangu District   汉沽区营城镇八卦滩 Tel: +86 22 5991

Former Residence of Liang Qichao 梁启超故居
Idealist of the Chinese bourgeois movement, Liang was one of the greatest scholars and journalists in China. The residence is homage to his memory, with a vast collection of literature, illustrations and photographs.   Address:
Grand Mercy Monastery 大悲禅院
Dating from the Qing Dynasty, it is the biggest Buddhist temple in Tianjin and also an important activity center for Buddhism. It became well-known for offering sacrifces to the bones of Xuang Zang, a Tang Dynasty monk.   Address: No. 40,
The Observation Wheel Tianjin Eye 天津之眼天摩天轮
The world’s only gigantic Ferris wheel built over a bridge. With a 110-meter diameter, it will lift visitors 120 meters above the ground, offering a spectacular view over the city and its surroundings. Address: Over The Yongle Bridge, Haihe Rive
Tianjin Istyle Town意大利风情街
The only well-preserved quarter of Italian architecture outside Italy. A walk in history and culture, presenting truly Mediterranean buildings. Address: Former Italian Concession Area, Hebei District 河北区意大利风情街 Hours: Daily
Tianjin Train Station 天津站
First built in 1888 and recently renewed, this is the terminus station for the state-of-the-art Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail. The area around the train station is particularly preserved and romantic during night time. Address 地址:No. 1,

Binjiang Dao 滨江道
Tianjin’s busiest and most prosperous shopping street with the biggest concentration of top department stores, both modern and traditional. Address: Binjiang Dao, Heping District 和平区滨江道 Hours: Daily Admission: Free  
China House 瓷房子
Homage to Chinese culture, the house was built with millions of ancient porcelain flakes. The perfect place to appreciate Chinese porcelain bowls and marble sculptures.   Address: No. 72, Chifeng Dao, Heping District   和平区
Dagu Bridge 大沽桥
Composed of two arches, one larger than the other, symbolizing the sun and the moon. The design is usually referred to as an “unparalleled combined tie beam arch”. Address: Dagu Qiao, Haihe River, Heping District 和平区海河大沽桥 
Food Street 食品街
With more than 100 restaurants, it offers an exquisite mixture of several types of cuisine, architecture and culture. Address: Bldg. D, Shipin Jie, Qinghe Jie, Heping District 和平区清河街食品街D座 Tel: +86 22 5899 7866 E-mail: tjshi
Golden Street (Heping Lu) 金街(和平路)
The intersection of Binjiang Dao and Heping Lu forms the most prosperous trade area in Tianjin. Address: Heping Lu, Heping District 和平区和平路 Tel: +86 22 2339 6209 URL: www.tjejj.com.cn Hours: Daily Admission: Free  
Jiefang North Road 解放北路
An open-air museum for architecture, housing dozens of well-preserved European-style buildings. One of the city’s most sophisticated and elegant areas and a landmark in Tianjin’s modern history. Address: Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District&#
Jing Garden 静园
Former residence of the last Chinese Emperor, Puyi. The Emperor named it Jing Garden, which literally means “quiet” in Chinese, following his intention of revitalizing the Qing Empire.   Address: No. 70, Anshan Dao, Heping District
Shenyang Antiques Market 沈阳道古物市场
Near Heping Lu, it stands out in one of the busiest commercial areas of the city. The market is a great opportunity to acquire Chinese antiques or simply admire them.   Address: Shenyang Dao, Heping District   和平区沈阳道
Wu Da Dao 五大道
Originally the center of the British concession, the five streets shaped the area’s development. European architecture abounds. Address: Machang Dao, Munan Dao, Dali Dao, Chonqing Dao and Chegdu, Hexi District   河西区成都道,
Xikai Cathedral 西开教堂
Constructed in 1917 by French missionaries, it is today the residence of the Bishop of Tianjin. It is the biggest church in Tianjin, located in the heart of the city.   Address: Dushan Lu, Binjiang Dao, Heping District   和平

Natural History Museum 自然博物馆
Specializes in collections of fossils, housing more than 38,000 specimens. It also has a permanent marine exhibition and relaxing green gardens. Address: No. 206, Machang Dao, Hexi District 河西区马场道206号 Tel: +86 22 2335 8031 E-ma
People’s Park 人民公园
Famous for entertainment for all ages. There’s a playground for children, a bird’s sightseeing area, a temple, luxurious gardens and pavilions. Address 地址:No. 29, Huizhou Dao, Hexi District 河西区徽州道33号 Tel: +86 22 2324
Tianjin Museum 天津博物馆
A vast collection of ancient Chinese fine arts, as well as ancient and modern historical relics. Address: No. 31, Youyi Lu, Hexi District 河西区友谊路31号 Tel: +86 22 5879 3000 E-mail: office@tjbwg.com URL: www.tjbwg.com Hours: Tues
Tianjin TV Tower 天塔
At 415.2m high, this is the second highest tower in Asia and the fourth in the world. The rotating restaurant and the viewing hall on top allow a great bird’s eye view over the city.   Address: No. 1, Weijin Nan Lu, Hexi District 河西

Tianjin Great Mosque 清真大寺
Originally built in the early stage of the Qing Dynasty and reconstructed over the centuries, the Mosque is a beautiful display of art and architecture within a religious space.   Address: No. 8, in front of the Xiaohuo Xiang Temple, Xibei J

Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall 黄崖关长城
Originally built during the Qi Dynasty, it is located in an abrupt mountain range north of Tianjin.   Address: 30km north of Ji Xian   蓟县北30公里 Tel: +86 22 2271 8718 Hours: Daily, 9am to 5pm Admission: 50CNY  
Pan Mountain (Panshan) 盘山
Famous for its high peaks, unique rock formations, clear streams and vibrant landscapes. Address: 15km northwest of Ji Xian 蓟县西北15公里 Tel: +86 22 2982 1235 Hours: Daily Admission: 20CNY
Temple of Solidarity Joy 独乐寺
With more than 1000 years of history, the temple is now considered a historical relic. Having survived 28 earthquakes, it still maintains its ancient architectural features.   Address: No. 41, Chengnei Wuding Jie, Ji Xian 蓟县城内武

Ancient Cultural Street 古文化街
Tianjin’s famous shopping street, recreating an ancient Chinese town. Purchase or simply admire China’s cultural treasures: calligraphy, jade, antiques, paper-cutting, clay figures and plenty more. Address: Ancient Cultural Street, Nankai
Clay Figure Zhang 泥人张
Prestigious Tianjin traditional folk art. This 180-years-old plastic art form consists of decorative indoor sculptures made of clay, executed with outstanding realism. Address: No. 17, Gu Wenhua Jie, Nankai District 南开区古文化街17号
Drum Tower 鼓楼
One of Tianjin’s three treasures, characterized by strong architectural and decorative features from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Heart of ancient Tianjin city.   Address: Drum Tower, Nankai District   南开区鼓楼 Hours:
Memorial of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao 周邓纪念馆
Loved by the people, this memorial hall houses information about the skilled diplomat Zhou and his wife Deng. All that refers to them or that was created by them is documented here. Address: No. 1, Shuishang Lu, Nankai District 南开区水上
Queen of Heaven Temple 天后宫
One of the three Mazu Temples in the world, tribute to the Goddess of the Sea. It is also the Folk Custom Museum of Tianjin.   Address: Ancient Cultural Street, Nankai District   南开区古文化街 Hours: Daily
Tianjin Museum of Theater 戏剧博物馆
The first museum in China specialized in the performing arts. Nowadays, it hosts exhibitions for the History of the Chinese Opera and for the History of the Tianjin Opera.   Address: Nanmen Li Dajie, Nankai District 南开区南门里大
Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium 奥林匹克中心体育场
Specially constructed for the 2008 Olympic Games, with a seating capacity of 60,000. Address: Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District 南开区宾水西道 Hours: 9am to 10pm
Water Park 水上公园
Fully renovated, it is divided in 9 islandas and 3 lakes. It is famous for its beauty and lush landscapes. You can find Chinese traditional pavilions, gardens, bridges, pagodas and lakes. Address 地址:No. 33, Shuishang Gongyuan Bei Lu, Na

Dagu Fort 大沽炮台
Originally built during the Ming Dynasty, it was expanded during the 19th century to protect Beijing. Listed as an important historical site under State protection, it is considered by Tianjin locals as one of the city’s three treasures. Add
Port of Tianjin 天津港
At the estuary of the Haihe River stands one of the busiest ports in Asia and probably the most important in China. Address: Bldg. B, Shipping Service Area, no.1, Yuejin Lu, Container Logistic Center of Port of Tianjin, Tanggu District 
Tanggu Bund 塘沽外滩
Part of the project to invigorate Haihe River in Tanggu District. Designed by world professionals, it offers a modern city life with entertainment, dining and shopping. Address: The bank opposite Waitan Garden, Haihe River, Tanggu District
Tanggu Museum 塘沽博物馆
Address 地址:Huanghai Lu, Tanggu District塘沽区黄海路 Tel: +86 22 5988 8888 Hours营业时间:Daily, 10:00-16:00 Admission门票:20CNY

Former Residence of Huo Yuanjia 霍元甲故居
Known for his patriotism and passion for martial arts, Huo was the founder of the Martial Arts Sports Association. His house portrays elements of local lifestyle at the time.   Address: Xiao Nanhe Cun, Nanhe Xian, Xiqing District 
Shi Family Grand Courtyard 石家大院
A piece of history belonging to the fourth son of one of the eight great Chinese masters. It is said to be northern China’s first mansion. The imperial and southern-style gardens are particularly sumptuous.   Address: Yuehe Bridge, Yang
Yangliu Qing 杨柳青
Characterized by its remarkable preservation, it was originally the house of a prosperous 19th century merchant. It is known for its intersections of courtyards, richly decorated rooms, and its own theater and school. Address: Lijiaoqiao Bei,
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