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Three key industry integration areas built in Tanggu District
Published on: 2007-12-03
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(Enorth.com.cn)Lingang Industrial Area attracts 4.5 billion yuan and covers a sea area of 24km2, in which two 10,000-ton docks were put into operation.

Marine Hi-tech Development Area invested and built an innovative pioneering park of 300,000m2 which preliminarily formed a industrial group dominated by four industries, namely new material, mechanical manufacture, electric information and ocean sci-tech.

Central Business District becomes a development and integration area for modern Service industry in Binhai New Area. In Xiangluowan CBD, projects invested by seven enterprises have been under building.

Through combining the study and implementation of the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC and the discuss of “further ideological liberation during rapid development of Binhai New Area”, Tanggu District held book reading classes for cadres at layers of district and department and organized 600 cadres above the layer of department for earnestly studying and profoundly understanding the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd Plenary Session of the 9th Municipal Congress of the Party Committee of Tianjin. Lingang Industry Area, Marine Hi-tech Development Area and Central Business District are not only three key areas to boost the development of Binhai New Area and bring into play the industrial integration effect of Tanggu, but also key projects to carry out concentrated support and intensive development and realize cluster effect and scale effect in the regional economic building. Driven by the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC and themed on discarding ideological obstruction, boosting system innovation, taking bold actions and grasping development opportunities, Tanggu District definitively came up with rapid, special and precise standard for building the three key industry integration areas with higher levels, actively building a dominated industry system as the driving force inside the regional economy, the influence in foreign and domestic market and the constant comPetition in long term development, striving for becoming a modernized mark district of port city with prosperous economy, harmonious society, beautiful environment and affluent life and accelerating the growth of Binhai New Area.

Lingang Industrial Area focuses on “rapidness”. Aiming at becoming a world-class modernized chemical base, equipment-making base and industrial logistic base, it accumulatively drew 4.5 billion yuan of investment, covered a sea area of 24km2, developed land available of 20km2 and expanded coastal line for over 10km. It opened up the second deep water course, dug 10000-ton sea route and built two 10000-ton docks. It signed agreements for inviting business and raising fund exceeding 120 billion yuan, thus successively introducing eight Fortune 500 enterprises, including Korea LG, France Airliquide, PetroChina and US Dow Chemical; of which Korea LG, France Airliquide and PetroChina were put into production. At present, the industrial area stresses on the coastal projects phase II and III and plans to accumulatively complete a land accreting area of 23km2 by the end of this year, of which an area of 21km2 realized “four supplies and one even”, thus ensuring to meet demands for building purposed land; it speeds up to dredge up the sea route and port, then dredging up sea route to 30000-ton level and building five docks, of which 30000-ton and 50000-ton general docks and 50000-ton liquid chemical docks will be put into operation by the end of this year; it accelerates the building of infrastructure, such as railroad, road network and pipe gallery and improves public support facilities including water and power supply, environmental protection, fire fighting and gas supply; besides, it constantly beefs up the industrial guidance, uplifts investment strength and industrial level and grows to be an industrial area of intensive development, resource conservation and ecological and new-type environmental protection.

Marine Hi-tech Development Area focuses on “specialty”. The development area is the only national hi-tech area developing marine high-tech industry in China. Aiming at becoming a marine hi-tech industry and research and development transfer base, it features marine technology and is market oriented under the support of universities and scientific research institutions. It successively builds up functional locations, such as pioneering service center, private sci-tech park, economic service center, sci-tech industrial park for foreign middle and small enterprises, marine fine chemical model base of national development strategy of marine economy by science and technology and university park and invested to build the innovative pioneering park——a 300000-meter sci-tech incubation and sci-tech industry training base, thus preliminarily forming a industrial group dominated by four large industries of new material, mechanical manufacture, electric information and marine sci-tech. At present, it shall adequately bring into play the marine brand and hi-tech advantages, stress on carrying out important projects such as core industrial base of China Oilfield Service Ltd. and Beijing-Kaifeng Sci-tech Park, introduced a large batch of large-scaled and good-quality projects centering marine, information, biological, medical, new material and new energy industries and becoming a marine biological hi-tech city with brilliant marine characteristics, completed comprehensive support and excellent pioneering environment.

Central Business District focuses on “preciseness”. Aiming at building a financial center, international trade center and information service center in Bohai Sea Rim, it highlights core functions such as financial service, modern business and top-end business, develops service industries of financial insurance, business and trade, exhibition and tourism and intermediate service and grows to be a modern development and integration area for service industry in Binhai New Area. In Xiangluowan CBD, totally seven projects invested by enterprises were under building. The district will take the opportunity to speed up to rebuild East and West Tanggu and Yujiapu and ensure to basically complete the removal task within this year. Besides, it shall accelerate to build important infrastructure projects, such as the drawbridge spanning Haihe River, the underground of No.4 Road and the central avenue. Through high-level plan, high-standard building and high-quality management, it will become a mark city area with a lot of high risers, beautiful environment, numerous entrepreneurs and prosperous economy and trade.

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