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MARKETING: Top 10 Marketing Trends that will Define 2017
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Top 10 Marketing Trends that will Define 2017

By Anne Shore

BT 201612 Marketing 05 mcommerce enterprise mobility banner imgAsia is the fastest growing zones in the world and China has been one of its most prominent members.

Digitalization and Internet Trading has taken the world by storm and we are no stranger to it as well. Here is a list of 10 most popular trends that will most probably dominate 2017.

Rise of content robots

With the advent of technology, there has been a surge in content robots. Content robots are highly efficient as they are capable of producing ample quantities of work within a wee time period. However, the major constraint with content robots is that of quality. People are heavily inclined towards quality rather than quantity. Researchers and pioneers are going through ample improvisation to enhance the quality of content robots. However, the fact still remains that content writers will always have a dominion in imagination, creativity and attention while generating content over robots.

Messaging apps will be of vital importance

BT 201612 001 MarketingChina is the prime user of WeChat. In comparison to western countries, Wechat or Line, are light years ahead than others such as Messenger or WhatsApp. There are over 762 million users of WeChat in China and many brands are focusing their attention of promoting themselves through these mediums. Consumers have a huge liking for apps that can provide them with multiple benefits through a single platform and therefore these IM apps provide numerous features such as shopping, games, stickers and much more. Different brands can create their own accounts and can also generate revenue through hotel booking, buying of tickets and many other channels.

China drives ecommerce worldwide retail sales

There has been a massive shift in eCommerce in Asia that had a huge impact on eCommerce brands. The best thing about eCommerce is that there is no particular need of setting a physical infrastructure to commence business internationally. Many brands have entered new markets globally and have crossed several borders. Cheap international shipping rates have been an added advantage. Strategy formation according to local expectations, websites that are correctly translated and the usage of no VAT charges for subsidizing delivery rates have played a primary role for eCommerce brands.

Mobile users become bigger than desktop users in online shopping

mobile tipping point ss 1920
China is a way ahead of many other countries in the digital arena. An average household has almost 7.4 devices that enjoy Internet connectivity. With the increment in the number of mobile users, the utility of desktop seems to have fallen majorly due to the ease of mobility. The primary mistake that many brands tend to commit is distinguishing between mobile and desktop users. The fact is both are one and the same. It has been observed that consumers tend to shift from mobile to desktop when purchasing needs to be done. The entire analysis is done on Smartphones and this tends to serve as the key decision making factor. Brands need to create a seamless platform that could be connected through all the devices and reduce this shift while purchasing.

Subscription based business models are the new trend

Why pay the entire amount for the product when you can try it on subscription basis? SaaS based companies have broken new grounds in subscription based business models and they have also proved its effectiveness for both the seller and the user. Ecommerce experts have observed that the conversion rate tends to reduce considerably when a customer needs to pay the entire amount at one go as the buyer stays dubious whether the product and the requirements will match. Subscription based models provide much needed flexibility that stays quite light on the consumers pocket and serves as a recurring revenue for the business which is a commendable win-win situation for both parties.

Rise in advertisement through videos

BT 201612 Marketing 06 mcommerce enterprise mobility banner imgDuring 2012 approximately 49.4% Chinese users were inclined towards videos and currently the number has risen to almost 76.7%. China is the second biggest market for Internet ads and in 2015, video adspend on mobile reached an incredible RMB 8.9 billion which is approximately two and half times more than what it was in 2014. It is estimated that by the end of this year, half of the video traffic will be mobile specific and most plausibly will cross the mark of $10 billion by 2017. Many brands had grasped the importance of video marketing and are already engaging customers through video promotion.


MCommerce is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to China and will soon become the next big thing. Clearly Chinese population has shown a major inclination towards mobiles and will become the perfect platform to connect with customers since it is much more convenient. WeChat has clearly boomed and will transform as the future of MCommerce in China. Most brands are concentrating their efforts on providing a picture perfect experience on mobile platform to directly connect with the populace.

Online to offline trend

O2O or Online to Offline is a rising trend and will very soon grow strong roots in Asia. Many companies are optimizing this trend for successful promotional campaigns. This helps people to understand the utility of the product in real time. O2O means finding out the product online, determining your preference and then checking it out offline by directly going to the showroom/store.

Integrate all the Medias together

multi screen video advertising
Wouldn't you like it if you could access whatever you wanted through a single media? Ease of access is something that we all look for. The primary concept behind this concept is to integrate all the Medias and increase the traffic for enhanced customer engagement. TV Shows have been a terrific mode of advertising through ages. A show called "Voice of China" had been one of the most effective medium for several promotional campaigns. Hence integration of Medias can attract abundant consumers and amplify the traffic to a great extent.


Other than video promotion, Micro-Blogging is one of the hottest trends in advertising nowadays. In 2009, Weibo was the first of its kind to be launched in China. It has almost 600 billion users now. Weibo helps marketers to operate easily, interact easily and even comprehend their target areas easily. The only issue with micro-blogging is that if the firm is not reputed enough, it may not draw adequate support.

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