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HR: 5 Ways to Convince Your Employees to Accept Change
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5 Ways to Convince Your Employees to Accept Change

By Besty Taylor

Change is constant and that’s a well known reality for sure. The rate of change is simply going to amplify so many aspects of our lives as technology grows and permeates. A lot of managers know that things need to be changed but actual leaders have the audacity to take the initiative.

According to a general observation, if someone is all set to take the plunge and break the news of an expected change to their employees, a lot of diverse reactions will come forward as it is normal and that is human nature. Here are some of those expected reactions:

BT 201612 HR 03 How demographic changes will impact organizations and managers
-Pleasure: Several people like diversity and they would like to take and accept challenges.
-Annoyance: Some people strongly believe that things should only be done in the way that they used to be done.
-Uncertainty: Other employees understand that change needs to take place but they’re nervous about the risk into the unknown.
-Dishonesty: These employees applaud about change in front of you and then spread bad words behind your back.
-Unhappiness: For these people, suddenly the company seems unknown and they feel as though they no longer fit in there.

"The change"

Change doesn’t come as easy in any organization and you have to make efforts to put aside routine and behaviors that have been formed over a long period and that involve people. Routines and regular practices are reassuring and that’s why a lot of people are uncomfortable if a sudden change comes by. It doesn't matter whether the change is intended for good or for bad - basically the unfamiliar is frightening. Changes, though, are a normal element of a business’s life cycle and huge changes can often lead to unhappy employees. Although you possibly will not be able to impact your employee’s initial response, you can be in command of how you set them up for change. Here are 5 ways to convince your employees to accept the change for good -

BT 201612 HR 01 bigstock Seminar 7410056
Give details about how, when and why the change is going to happen
Provide as much information as possible regarding why the change is happening at the point at which you are bringing the change. You must also inform them at what time the change will go into effect and what the whole procedure will be like. Eradicating as many unknowns as possible will make people worry about fewer facts.

Highlight positive facts
It is a fact that most changes comprise a positive and a negative side, but while introducing to your employees, highlight the positive side as much as you can. If you stay positive and hopeful, your employees are expected to adopt a similar attitude.

BT 201612 HR 02 Untitled2Let them speak up about their concerns
In spite of an obvious rundown of what is happening and why, your employees may have concerns. Pay attention to them with an open ear and give them all the extra information and encouragement that they need to accept the upcoming change. Your employees are a resource and may give insights that you haven't thought of earlier.

BT 201612 HR 06 GettyImages 99308108 56a4f0ad3df78cf772856dba
Make sure they get sufficient training
If the upcoming change in your organization includes innovative methods or procedures, make sure to provide sufficient training and support to set your employees up for success. Make them feel that they are fully prepared to take on new duties. Make your employees believe that you will support them throughout this change and it will relieve some stress.

BT 201612 HR 05 GettyImages 99308108 56a4f0ad3df78cf772856dba
Lead by example and make them believe that everything is under control
If your employees are concerned about things that you can control, do whatever you can to deal with them. Be a part of that new change by adapting new things and methods by yourself and make sure your employees get a full sight of that. It will motivate them to accept change more easily. Even if you can’t fix everything, try doing it to the best of your ability and by showing them that you’re listening to their concerns and taking them seriously. Make them believe that you will be there for them to provide any kind of support and guidance and this will serve to encourage them.

"Final word"
Honesty is the key to communicate with employees at any point of time, particularly through uncertainty and at times unsettling phases. You can make it easier for your employees to accept change and to move from fear to acceptance by providing them with your support, convincing them that this change is for good and creating a best possible training plan. One can’t control how employees will respond to change but you’ll learn a lot about your employees based on the way they adapt and handle change. The accomplishment at the end of the journey will make you find out what it takes to be a good leader.


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