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HR: What Skills Should Candidates Include in Their Resumes?
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What Skills Should Candidates Include in Their Resumes?
By Besty Taylor

BT 201901 hr 01应聘者应该在简历中包括哪些技能?

雇主更愿意雇用为他们提供全面服务的候选人。 在目前,招聘不仅仅是关于职位所涉及的某一个领域的技能。 如果您的简历没有表现出对您过去资历的认识,知识或相关经验,那么您可能会错过大部分面试电话:


应聘者必须在简历中涉及的最重要技能之一是成本意识和增值,特别是在当今时代。 如果您向雇主提出了具有成本效益的建议或推出了预期会带来额外收入的服务,那么无论您属于哪个部门,您的未来雇主肯定会欣赏您的商业敏锐性。



说“这不是我的工作”是雇主最不想要听到的话。他们总是在寻找能够在正确的时间和需要时增加公司价值的员工。 你需要为旧概念带来新的变化,让他们知道你有比其他人更多的能力。

BT 201901 hr 02Employers prefer hiring candidates who offer them with a 360 degree ‘package’. Hiring, in the present times, is not just about being skilled in just one area which the Job Title relates to. If your resume does not exhibit awareness, knowledge or relevant experience to your seniority and role in each of the skills you possess, you could be missing out on most of the Interview calls for sure:

BT 201901 hr 03Budgeting
One of the most crucial skills a candidate must reveal on their resume is awareness of costs and adding value, particularly in the present times. If you have suggested your employer with a cost-efficient proposal or launched a service which you are anticipating to bring in additional revenue, your prospective employer will certainly be encouraged by the commercial acumen you have, no matter which department you belong to.

BT 201901 hr 04Speaking Skills
Client interactions, meetings, getting the most from the suppliers or water-cooler moments, no matter what the forum is, being able to communicate your ideas, motivate, persuade clients, explain complex issues, and even inspire happens to be one of the most sought-after business skills that your potential employers would be looking for in your resume.

BT 201901 hr 05Writing Skills
Around 25% of resumes contain spelling and grammatical mistakes (and this does not include acceptable errors if your resume is in English which is not your first language). If you just cannot take out some time to go through your own resume before sending it for the job application, it is quite unlikely that you will check the work you produce once you are employed. Exceptional writing skills should relate to the reader and must be conveying the point effectively. Taken together, communication in terms of writing and speaking well are the key basis of your career development, as they will allow you to influence your clients, peers, boost team spirit, push through management decisions, and eventually improve productivity.

BT 201901 hr 06Prioritizing and Organizing
Are you being able to meet the deadlines? Are you adept at prioritizing your work? Can you set up an effective system? Ensure your potential employer knows that you can actually work in a logical manner and that you can get the jobs done in a timely and orderly manner. It is imperative that you let them know that you do understand your responsibilities and they will be well taken care of effectively and efficiently.

BT 201901 hr 07Initiating
Stating ‘it is not my job’ is the last thing your employer would like to hear from you. they are always in search of employees who are capable of adding value to the Company by ensuring things do take place at the right time and when required. If you bring new variation to old concepts, let them know that you are capable of accomplishing more than others, because you are ready to roll your own sleeves up and work with your peers to add value beyond the usual job remit.

BT 201901 hr 08Public Relations
Do you ever communicate with people outside the Company as part of your job? You perhaps be interacting with suppliers, customers, the Media, Service-providers, or other professional bodies and while you may not be needed to address an audience of 1000, you should be able to handle yourself well. Let your prospective employer know that you fully understand the significance PR plays and, if you have strong skills in this area, let them know this as well. Combine your PR skills with a sound personality, to offer your potential employer with an attractive employee profile!

BT 201901 hr 09Training Sessions
Are you someone who your Boss asks to look after the new hiring’s, or do you have any formal training qualifications? Ensure you get these points included in your resume clearly because being an instructor says a lot more about you than technical know-how and ability – it conveys good people skills, willingness to set your own work aside to assist others, patience, and much more. Being a trainer, at any level, is a skill that should be highlighted.

BT 201901 hr 10Commitment and Energy
If you are always willing to give 100% in everything you do, it surely will be noticed by the employer. Arriving earlier or staying late than your colleagues makes a big difference – but do not think that you are fooling around by using that time to check your social media accounts or gossiping. Doing your job with high energy levels will certainly help you accomplish more.

These aforementioned skills are crucial and if your resume does not convey these skills, then it is time for you to redo your resume. Do not forget the fact that all the employers out there are already aware of what you have to offer, it is what you have written on a paper and it is that piece of paper that is trying hard to get you an Interview call at least. If you have sent the same resume out 6 times and never got invited for an interview, then it is not doing the job properly and needs to be changed immediately!

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