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INSPIRATION: Don't Ever Pity Yourself!
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Don't Ever Pity Yourself!
Learn from one of the most influential intellectuals
By Nick Jones
BT 201901 inspiration 02永远不要自怨自哀!

我们通常会谈论人们应该尽早开始在世界上作出成绩。这可能是鼓舞人心的,但今天的经验就是退后一步,因为我们必须首先学会如何在跑步前走路。 我们将关注过去几年中最有趣和鼓舞人心的知名人物之一。 他拥有数百万粉丝,并成功地将他的教学原则应用于成功的企业。 以下是四大原则:

1. 不要责备自己的弱点
2. 意识到自我以及在世界中的位置
3. 不要自怨自哀
4. “清理你的房间”

你可能已经知道我们今天谈论的主要人物。 他的名字是Jordan B. Peterson,他是多伦多大学的教授,也是畅销书“生活中的12条规则”的作者。 多年来,他唯一的目标是充分利用自我和环境,而不是专注于名利和财富。正是这种对待生活的态度让全世界成千上万的粉丝和读者感到震惊。

We usually talk about people that had, very early on, set out to leave a mark on the world. That can be inspiring, but today's lesson is all about taking a step back because we must first learn how to walk before we run. We will be looking at the work of one of the most interesting and inspiring figures to rise to fame in the last couple of years. He has millions of followers and has managed to make some of the key principals of his teachings into a successful business. Here are four of those principals.

1. Don't blame others for your shortcomings

BT 201901 inspiration 03A lot of the times, if our business isn't doing so well, we tend to blame the outside forces. Sure, we can't single-handedly control how the market is going to behave, but there is one thing we can do. Change ourselves! By complaining about how things are unfair to us, and how our hands are tied, we make of ourselves victims who are not control of their life. By complaing about how our surroundings are not fair to us and our businesses, we're lifting all the responsibility away from us. It may seem like we're taking a stand, but what we're actually doing is nihilistically picking the easier path to follow. It's always easier to say that somebody else did it, and leave it at that. The current trends may impact you badly, but what you need to do is try and make the best of that situation, because the energy spent on resentment is energy the energy not well spent.

2. Be aware of yourself and your place in the world

BT 201901 inspiration 06Has there ever been a situation in which you felt like you can't go on, even though you have invested heavily and have worked on your business for several years now? This can happen due to having a false perception of yourself. This is important because not every decision or thought can be traced back to knowledge accumulated by experience. There is so much more to all of us, and there are psychological processes and forces, impacting our everyday decisions, without us being aware of them. Truly knowing, yourself, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your place in the world and how are you most likely to act out in certain situations, can help you out in life. Maybe that job positions is torturing you because it doesn't fit you right. In which case, you either systematically retrain yourself or move on to other things. Either way, facing the problem head-on, is the right approach. Going on with your life may momentarily be easier, but it won't help you over time.

3. Don't pity yourself

BT 201901 inspiration 05This point leans on what we have talked about so far, and that is because, in the works of this public speaker, this idea is the most prominent. Not because he's trying to be mean, but because, he felt it through his own experiences. Through his family runs a gene which made him, and his family members really susceptible to autoimmune diseases with which he and his family members had to fight for their entire life. At this point, you can see where this is going because this situation would make anyone depressed. Instead of that, he just asked himself a simple question: "How can I make this situation less bad?" Through sheer dedication, motivation and hard work, he was not only able to help himself and people in his surrounding, but has managed to make a successful business out of helping people with the same problem. And he did that not by accepting the state in which he is in, but by saying that he demands more of himself and he is going to get it.

4. “Clean your room“

BT 201901 inspiration 04How may you go about those demands in your life? By focusing on small problems in your life, and fixing them. Intellectually contemplating the nature of the market won't actually do much because something like that is so out of our reach, that we could never test out our hypothesis. The thing you can do is pick up a small problem that you identify as fixable, and work your way from there.

By now you have probably figured out who we're talking about today. His name is Jordan B. Peterson, he's a professor at the University of Toronto and an author of the bestselling book "12 Rules for life". For years his only goal was to make the best of himself and his environment, not focusing on fame and wealth. It's this attitude towards life that has broth him millions of followers and readers all over the world.

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