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Author Christian Nothhaft, 2017

BT 201903 Book 01为中国制造

本书从独特的视角对中国快消品公司在全球化进程中的成功案例和未来愿景进行了详细的研究和介绍。作者 Christian Nothhaft 是一个地道的德国人。但他从12岁开始就一直生活在中国,目前已经在亚洲工作20多年。他还有一个中文名叫做“罗敬仁”。也许你对他比较陌生,但如果介绍他的另一个头衔,你一定会十分熟悉,那就是——屈臣氏前中国董事总经理。




BT 201903 Book 02Christian Nothhaft comes to us with a creative inside look into the business workings of modern China.

His book shares unique perspectives on the successful global evolution and future ambitions of Chinese consumer companies. It uses the examples of some of the biggest, currently running companies which are based in China. It presents an unprecedented collection of one-on-one interviews with some of the most influential leaders in China, whose companies offer diverse products and services. Nothhaft really pulled no stops on this one, interviewing so many business owners from throughout China. The most intriguing part of the book, in my opinion, is exactly this, an inside view like this is something rarely attainable for us, westerners. It shows a really deep insight into contemporary Chinese business practices. What’s more, it does this through the lens of the actual Chinese, who have a much better understanding of their own practices than westerners looking at them through a lens of bias.

Further, the book offers future business leaders encouragement and guidance on how to ride the consumer wave in China. It presents valuable advice for how the western market, and by extension, the businesses in the west should adapt to an increasing Chinese presence in the global market. It also investigates some of the foremost current trends, revealing the best opportunities for companies to succeed on the Chinese market. This means that the book not only shows how to deal with the Chinese so to speak invading out markets, but also how to do the same in return, what needs Chinese people have, that are not fully covered by their own businesses. Written by a successful business leader, this book is a timely must-read for anyone seeking to understand Chinese consumers, the Chinese market and what makes Chinese entrepreneurs tick – helping them learn how to do business “Made for China”.

I would highly recommend this book, seeing as it’s a fairly short read when it comes to business books for professionals.

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