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E-BIZ: How to Retain Your International Customers
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How to Retain Your International Customers

By Rose Salas

BT 201904 e biz 01如何留住您的国际客户


提示1 在适当的社交媒体平台上与您的客户联系。
提示2 及时的回复是关键。
提示3 说英语
提示4 不要停止优惠
提示5 适当使用电子邮件营销
提示6 超出客户的期望
提示7 帮助你的客户

Ever wondered why some E-commerce stores get a lot of repeat customers internationally? Customer retention is not an easy task. To retain your customers, you must find ways on how you can make them a loyal follower and user of your brand.

Online store owners from Amazon, eBay, Taobao, AliExpress or TMall that cater international customers have exerted efforts, spent a lot of time and money to build their online reputation to have continuous sales. Many entrepreneurs are putting up a drop shipping store, where they target international customers particularly in the US, Australia or Canada. If you are an online seller looking for ways on how to do better in keeping your international customers and increase sales, here are 7 smart tips for you.

Tip #1. Connect to your customers in the right social media platforms.

For sure you are familiar with Facebook and Instagram, which are top social media platforms utilized by many online consumers. As these applications are not accessible locally, you need to get a VPN, so you can set up an account and use this for your marketing purposes. Connecting to your customers is easier when you use these platforms. By getting a Facebook account, you can join buy-and-sell groups to look for new customers. Posting an update to your customers with your new products and store promotions will alert them right away. More importantly, you also get a big chance to be introduced to other audiences when your post gets shared or liked. Using these social media apps can help big time in retaining your international customers.

BT 201904 e biz 02Tip #2. Timely response is the key.

Internet technology brings us to real-time responses and do away with unbelievable excuses. Improve your Customer Service by responding to inquiries in the shortest possible turnaround time. Instead of giving a 48-hour window to answer a customer’s inquiry, drop it to 12-24 hours instead. If you set up a live chat function to your website, make sure it serves its purpose. You can set up a chat bot for ease of answering repeatedly FAQs.

BT 201904 e biz 07Tip #3. Speak English

One hesitation of a customer buying in China is the language barrier. To be able to address your customer’s concern, you should be capable of understanding and speaking English. Not all translation apps are accurate. If this is something you’re incapable of doing, hiring an assistant, who speaks English well, is a must.

BT 201904 e biz 06Tip #4. Don’t stop the perks.

Most customers wait for SALE to buy an item. To encourage them to increase their frequency of buying, make them feel special by providing a discount code they can use on their next purchase. You must think of variations when it comes to loyalty programs. Here are some suggestions:

• Free Shipping on Your Next Purchase
• Buy ___, Get __% discount on your next purchase
• Share this code to your friends on their purchase and get ____% discount on your next purchase
• Buy 1 at regular price, get __% off on the 2nd item
• Get 10% more discount on Yellow Tag items

BT 201904 e biz 05Tip #5. Use email marketing appropriately

Never ever send out marketing emails 2-3x weekly, if you don’t want to be reported as SPAM. Use this strategy smartly. Strategize your email marketing agenda and don’t let their interest turn into annoyance because of frequent sending of promotional emails. Use emails instead to:

• Thank them on their first purchase and encourage to join your mailing list. Do not forget to have an opt-out button.
• Send updates on the status of their orders.
• Well-thought and customer-appealing promotions and discounts
• Customer service channel

BT 201904 e biz 03Tip #6. Exceed customer’s expectation

To keep your customers, you must give them the best shopping experience. Here’s a checklist on how to meet and exceed their expectation:

• Fast delivery
• Free shipping (a very effective sales’ magnet)
• Well-packaged item with correct and complete inclusions
• Freebies or ‘thank you’ cards along with their orders
• Damage-free, Error-free, and Hassle-Free orders
• Letting them know of possible restrictions and fees, or charges for international deliveries
• Warranty, in case item delivered has damage or not delivered at all due to courier negligence

BT 201904 e biz 04Tip #7. Educate your customer

Make it a point to always help your customer by educating them about the product that they are purchasing. Always provide a detailed information or proper instructions on how to use what they will buy. Always give them a reason to trust you. This particularly applies to sellers who compete with other sellers selling the same item. Amaze your customers by putting the necessary details, or do an extra mile like providing true testimonials from other customers.

BT 201904 e biz 08Taking care of your first-time customer is very important in making them a repeat customer. Remember that “First impressions last”. The first time transaction is usually a “make or break” for your international customers to establish a connection and build a good relationship. Study and analyse your customer’s behaviour, so you’ll have a better understanding on how you can do a personal approach with your marketing. Bear in mind that it is always cheaper to retain a customer than to get a new one.

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