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TRAVEL: Croatia’s Prime Holiday Destination. Dubrovnik
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Croatia’s Prime Holiday Destination
By Nikita Jaeger

BT 201904 TRAVEL 01人间天堂,克罗地亚的杜布罗夫尼克





BT 201904 TRAVEL 02A distinctive old town, Dubrovnik is a beautiful city in southern Croatia, popularly known as the pearl of the Adriatic. Whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the 100th, the city never fails to charm you with its sense of awe.

Thanks to the country’s culture and picturesque scenery, there is a reason for the exponential growth of tourism. Famous for its Game of Thrones sets, protective stone walls, forts, a trip to Dubrovnik makes the holiday worthwhile. Here is a quick guide to explore Croatia’s prime holiday destination and to make most out of the trip.

Best way to reach there
The practical way to get to Dubrovnik easily is by air, as there are regular flights during summer. However, you can travel by taxi, train, take a bus or even use ferry services from some of the neighbouring countries.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 03By Air
Most of the major airlines are operating regular direct flight services from European hubs like Paris, Amsterdam, and London to Dubrovnik. Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, also has its international airport with lots of international flight services. If you can’t find a direct flight to Dubrovnik, it is recommended to fly to Zagreb.

By Train
While the train is not the most efficient way to reach Dubrovnik, you can find trains that connect European cities to Zagreb. If you are traveling through several countries, then Rail Europe’s multi-country rail pass would be a great option. However, trains in Balkans don’t stick to a rigid schedule as in other parts of Europe.

Bus service
You can also travel by bus; again, it is not a desirable option. From Zagreb, it takes around 10 hours by bus to reach Dubrovnik, and they don’t adhere to a strict schedule, just like train services.

Ferry service
If you are visiting Dubrovnik from Italy, the Jadrolinja ferry runs from Bari 6 times a week. The sailing time is around 10 hours, but overnight cabins are available, which makes the journey quite comfortable. From the port, taxis and bus services would be available to reach the final destination. From Trieste in Italy, there are international bus services that take around 12 hours. From there, you can easily connect to the international ferry services from Bari that operates during end of March to late October.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 04Hidden Tourists Spots in Dubrovnik
Though pristine and marble on the outside, Dubrovnik has plenty of hidden gems from cave to beach, to the haunted island where no souls have set feet. Here are some of the hidden tourist spots in Dubrovnik you shouldn’t miss.

Stairs to Heaven

Stairs to Heaven is a precious ladder leading to the top of Dubrovnik Cathedral that dates back to the 7th century. There are several artistic treasures in the cathedral, which you should not miss once you are there. The polyptych of the Assumption of the Virgin and a painting attributed to Raphael, and you should not miss it along with the Stairs of the Heaven, which extend to the dome of the cathedral.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 05Isolated islands of Dubrovnik
Lokrum and the Elafitis are the isolated islands of the city, which are a perfect tourist destinations. Take a break at the beautiful Betina beach for a snorkel, or explore the pretty island of Lokrum, take a dip in the saltwater pool and visit the Edenic botanical garden.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 06Private parks

In the shadow of ancient cities lies the Park Orsula, which looks like a glittering emerald, which often doesn’t get the attention of tourists. Overlooking the Lokrum islands, the park has fantastic views that would take your breath away with its alluring beauty.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 07The cave beaches
Close to the center of Dubrovnik lies the hidden cave of Betina Špilja, known only to the locals. It is accessible only from the sea and is a perfect picnic spot comprising a large cave entrance and a carpet of fine white pebbles. The large empty beach is an isolated attraction with no sun loungers, no crowd, no amenities. Just the beach and the sea, but it makes a great sight of serene beauty. To reach there, you can take a boat from Dubrovnik’s old port.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 08Haunted islands
Dakša is a mysterious island in Dubrovnik with no water taxis, no boat schedules and not even locals choose to go there. Occupied by monks’ long back, Dakša was used by Tito to keep the war-time prisoners. After their mass execution, for decades this chilling site was not accessed by the public. It stood isolated for a long time and since 2009 people started expediting the location. You can get the help of locals as part of your tour activities, but no one prefers to have an overnight stay.

BT 201904 TRAVEL 09Conclusion

Springing from the cliffs, Dubrovnik is an UNESCO world heritage site, polished by centres of footsteps and medieval walls around its sides. Though petite in size, Dubrovnik is abundantly rich with contemporary life with restaurants, bars, eateries and hotspots at every nook and corner, yet it trails behind other hot destinations, which have fewer leisure activities than Dubrovnik.

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