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COVER STORY: BALANCE FOR BETTER. International Women’s Day Lunch at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin
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International Women’s Day Lunch
at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin
By Romee C.

BT 201904 COVER 012019女性领导力午宴




BT 201904 COVER 03In today’s world women empowerment and recognition have come a long way, with an increased critical mass of women’s visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life. And women are shattering stereotypes and conquering global spaces eloquently. Women can work and have a family; we have real choices, as we are the epitome of being an all-rounder, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a colleague and a woman boss.

BT 201904 COVER 09International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March, annually providing an important moment to showcase commitment to women’s achievements, raise awareness, and highlight gender parity gains, and more. So, each year on this day, the world inspires women and celebrates their achievements.

BT 201904 COVER 05Jason Stinson, General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin (left) and Chef Dr. Eddie Liu, Director of Culinary Arts from Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei (right)

BT 201904 COVER 04So, we, the Business Tianjin Magazine in tandem with Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, were able to host a leadership Lunch at the Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant, celebrating the limitless potential of women and allowing the top Women leaders and executives of Tianjin to network and connect with each other in order to enhance their important roles in the society to build a better tomorrow by enhancing the interest for women entrepreneurship, and to empower women of the future, with the initiative of Ms Audrey Wang, our Managing Editor.

BT 201904 COVER 06BT 201904 COVER 07The presence of the incredibly talented and Zealous ladies of Tianjin in their own sphere of Business, made the Lavender room sparkle with richness, after a very hearty welcome by Jason Stinson, General Manager, and Tracy Zou, Director of Sales and Marketing of Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin. We were able to enjoy the delicious flavours of Taiwanese cuisine that has come to Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, which was briefed by Chef Dr Eddie Liu, Director of Culinary Arts from Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei. We are indeed grateful for the team at Shangri-La for the amazing service rendered, making all the beautiful and inspiring women gathered feel exceptional on this particular day.

BT 201904 COVER 08After having enjoyed the highly appetizing lunch, we moved on to my favourite part, the picture taking. As women, we love to feel pretty and to pose for a photo with our colleagues and friends, which takes away all the work stress. And, indeed, to treasure the well spent afternoon with the amazing ladies.

BT 201904 COVER 10BT 201904 COVER 11We are filled with gratitude to all the important women of Tianjin, who accepted our invitation and were elegantly present, joining in hands to celebrate and commemorate International Women’s Day, 2019 by sparing time despite the extremely busy schedules, being a weekday.

BT 201904 COVER 12So, let us as women make a difference, as we are beyond capable to do so, think globally and act locally. Let’s make every day International Women’s Day doing our bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding. Let’s let free our insecurities and anything that confines us from conquering the world and far beyond.

BT 201904 COVER 13“A woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” There Is No Limit To What Women Can Accomplish!

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