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TRAVEL: Belize
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A Dream Tour Destination
By Nina Jaeger

BT 201908 BELIZE 06Located on Central America's east coast, Belize is a small country with beautiful beaches and numerous low-lying islands. But don’t underestimate this country because of its size. Yes, Belize is small, but it has a lot more to explore. This country freely celebrates its diversity, while taking pride in its mixed Caribbean and American culture.

The Mayans community migrated and settled in this country many years before, and later it became a colony of British Honduras. Belize is now a country that deeply values its history and natural preserve and exotic wildlife. If you genuinely wish to experience nature, we'd ask you to visit Belize once, and you'd be wanting to go back again.

BT 201908 BELIZE 07伯利兹位于中美洲的东海岸,是一个拥有美丽海滩和众多低洼岛屿的小国。但是不要因为它的大小而低估这个国家,它有很多值得探索的地方。


BT 201908 BELIZE 03How to reach there

By Air

Belize is located between Mexico to the North and Guatemala to the South and West. Reaching Belize via air is easy. All of the major airlines provide direct flights from many American cities, such as Dallas, Houston, Flores, Atlanta, and Newark. The main airport in Belize is the Philip S W Goldson International Airport, located Northwest of Belize City.

伯利兹位于墨西哥北部和危地马拉之间的南部和西部。搭乘飞机到达伯利兹很容易。所有主要航空公司都提供从美国许多城市直飞的航班,如达拉斯,休斯顿,弗洛雷斯,亚特兰大和纽瓦克。伯利兹的主要机场是位于伯利兹市西北部的Philip S W Goldson国际机场。

By Road

For people who want to travel to Belize via road, they can take a bus from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to Belize City. You can also hire a cab or self-drive to reach Belize City. For hiring a car, you need to take a mandatory permit at the border of Belize, which is valid for one month. Also, you need to have the necessary travel documents, proof of car ownership or rental, and insurance papers with you.


By ferry service

You can also reach Belize via a ferry boat. Some companies offer daily ferry services from Puerto Barrios in Guatemala to Punta Gorda in Belize.

您还可以乘坐渡轮前往伯利兹。一些公司提供从危地马拉的Puerto Barrios到伯利兹的Punta Gorda的每日渡轮服务。

Visa process

BT 201908 BELIZE 04Like any sovereign republic country, for entering Belize also required a valid visa and passport. However, citizens from European Union, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, and the USA do not require a visa to travel Belize for a period, not more than 90 days.

But other countries' nationals need to have a visa to enter the country. Tourists from mandatory visa requirement countries must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival and a return ticket with enough funds ($75) that could cover their stay.

Some nationalities not only require to get a visa, but also a clearance. All the above information could be readily available by contacting your nearest Belize embassy. Single entry visa, valid for 3 months from the date of issuance will cost you £75, multiple entries will cost your £125 and £10 for the administration fee.

BT 201908 BELIZE 05签证流程




Important destinations

While Belize has numerous travel destinations that are a must visit for anyone traveling to the country, we have shortlisted for you the top ones that you shouldn't miss while making a trip to this country:



BT 201908 Caye CaulkerCaye Caulker

This is a small island located off the coast and is quite picturesque. With sand roads, friendly and hospitable locals, small and cheap shacks and casual atmosphere are the main attractions. It is the place you must visit when you want to relax and hang out and take a break from the busy, bustling world around you. Snorkelling and diving are the 2 most popular options people go for while visiting this island.

BT 201908 Caye Caulker 02Caye Caulker


BT 201908 Belize Barrier reef 03Belize Barrier reef

Stretching 300 meters in the north and 40 KMS in the South, Belize Barrier reef is the second largest reef system in the entire world and a UNESCO world heritage site. The Barrier reef is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belize and famous for activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. A large part of it is protected and includes 7 marine reserves and 450 cays. A big attraction of the Belize Barrier reef is the blue hole, which is the next famous destination on our list.

BT 201908 Belize Barrier reef 02利兹堡礁

BT 201908 Belize Barrier reef 01Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole and is a part of the Belize Barrier reef system. It is a popular diving spot for tourists who love diving in Crystal clear blue water and exploring unknown marine life. In 2012, Discovery Channel acclaimed great blue hole to be the top in the list of “the 10 most amazing places on Earth.” It can be a challenging dive meant for only experienced divers, because of the depth of the hole, but one also has the option to sail around it or fly over it.

BT 201908 Great Blue Hole 01大蓝洞

BT 201908 Xunantunich 01Xunantunich

If you are a fan of history, you would love to visit Xunantunich. It is an archaeological site consisting of Mayan city ruins. Located in Cayo district, Xunantunich in Mayan translates to “maiden of the rock.” It is Belize's one of the most famous Mayan sites. The tallest building here is El Castillo, which is 40 meters in height and provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding ruins, forests, and Guatemala.

BT 201908 Xunantunich 02Xunantunich

如果你是历史迷,你会喜欢参观Xunantunich。这是一个由玛雅城遗址组成的考古遗址。位于Cayo区,位于玛雅的Xunantunich翻译为“岩石的少女”。这是伯利兹最着名的玛雅遗址之一。最高的建筑是El Castillo,高40米,可以360度全方位欣赏周围的废墟,森林和危地马拉。
BT 201908 ATM 01Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour

Located in the centre of Belizean Rainforest, ATM cave was proclaimed by the National Geographic Society as the top sacred cave in the world. But this is more than just a natural cave; it is an archaeological site depicting centuries of Belizean history. It is popular for artefacts, ceramics, ancient drawings, stoneware, and even skeletal remains.

The spectacular experience of visiting this cave is one of the most surreal things you'd ever witness, and tourists to Belize must not miss it. The cave was untouched for thousands of years and has been recently opened to the tourists, in the year 1998. The Mayans considered this cave to be a gate to the underworld where they used to sacrifice people as a means to appease gods. The most famous skeleton here is that of Crystal Maiden, a 20-year-old Mayan woman, whose sacrifice was made to please the rain gods. The river has covered the skeleton with carbonated crystals providing it with an illuminated appearance.

BT 201908 ATM 02ActunTunichilMuknal(ATM)洞穴之旅


BT 201908 BELIZE 01Conclusion

Belize is ten times smaller than the United Kingdom with a population of about 350,000 and main activities centred around Belize City, the capital. You will find the country very pleasant due to its amazing sub-tropical climate, an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, tempered with cool refreshing sea breezes. The official currency, Belizean Dollar, is plugged with the US Dollar at the rate of BZD 2: USD 1. Most of the outlets accept US dollar and credit/debit cards; hence, business/trade/recreation transactions are relatively easy.

Belize is a beautiful country with so much uncapped tourist potential. There is so much to explore, and so many places to visit. If you are an adventure sports buff or a history enthusiast, there is something for everyone here. A vacation trip to Belize is highly desirable and a tour to Belize will completely change your tourism perspective.

BT 201908 BELIZE 02伯利兹比英国小十倍,人口约35万,主要活动集中在首都伯利兹城。由于其令人惊叹的亚热带气候,平均气温为26摄氏度,伴随着凉爽清新的海风,您会发现这个国家非常宜人。官方货币伯利兹元(Belizean Dollar)。大多数网点接受美元和信用卡/借记卡,非常方便。


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