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MARKETING: Branding During COVID-19 Crisis
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Branding During COVID-19 Crisis
By Rose Salas

BT 202005 MARKETING 12The Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed millions of businesses around the world, and no one can tell how long the impact will last. The sad truth is that the global economic crisis is widespread, and no one has been spared from it. As the number of cases continues to grow in many countries, lockdown periods can linger for months. This has broken the equilibrium of livelihoods and businesses. Until a vaccine or cure becomes available, we cannot safely say that we’re out of the woods.

Do you have an E-business? Perhaps you’ve addressed the challenges of the crisis and you temporarily put it to a stop. Or perhaps your business was hit so badly that you feel you can’t recover when things return to the ‘new’ normal.

While this is a hard situation for most, there are still a few who consider it an opportunity for growth. Businesses will struggle for a while, and in this downturn, competition is at its lowest. Can branding and marketing during this crisis help your business survive? Here are a few things to ponder on.

BT 202005 MARKETING 06由新冠病毒大流行造成的经济和劳工危机可能会使全球失业人数增加近2500万,数以百万计的人将陷入失业、就业不足和工作贫困之中。全球数以百万计的企业瘫痪,没人知道这种影响将持续多久。对大多数企业来说这是一个艰难的时刻,但仍有少数人认为这是增长的机会,因为在这种低迷时期,竞争者最少。这场危机中品牌推广和营销可以帮助您的企业生存吗?有些事情需要去思考。

1. Develop or create a tagline or slogan that will help build a good image for your brand

BT 202005 MARKETING 01A tagline is one of the basics and a vital factor in branding. It’s a simple statement you create to make a promise or give assurance to your clients. For example, during this time, even big global companies like Coca-Cola create slogans and ads to promote social distancing.

If you are thinking about how you can participate in this pandemic battle, you can use this branding strategy to keep your audience engaged with your brand during the COVID-19 crisis. If you come up with a catchy phrase, it will become memorable to your clients, and you can help relay the message to the whole world that’s battling with this coronavirus.

BT 202005 MARKETING 02制定宣传口号,助树立良好的品牌形象


2. Branding will bring awareness to your target audience about your product and service

BT 202005 MARKETING 03This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to sell and push conversions in your market. Since people are more tuned in to social media these days, this is an opportunity to spread awareness by connecting online. You can publish content that makes people relate to the situation, and be a source of encouragement.

An example of this is a company named WinBridge Speaker, based in Shenzhen, that caters to international countries. In their Instagram and Facebook accounts, they are connecting to people by publishing content related to the coronavirus outbreak and publishing blogs that can cheer people up and encourage them. Their branding strategy gives them a chance to be discovered by their audience while spreading positivity in this tough time.

Branding creates an impression of your company for your audience. Let this time give you a chance to show your clients that you care, and that you are part of the support system. Doing so can have a strong effect on them, and if you capture their hearts, they will remember your company when this crisis is over.

BT 202005 MARKETING 04品牌宣传使目标受众了解您的产品和服务


3. Branding during this virus outbreak should focus on ethical marketing protocol

BT 202005 MARKETING 05What is considered ethical? During a crisis, empathetic marketing is one effective approach to communicating with your audience. The context of your marketing content is highly expected to be pleasing. Do not put your brand on the line by showing inappropriate images. Remember, visual communication is very strong.

In regard to the Covid19 crisis, you can still push your marketing content, but make sure that you avoid using images showing a crowd, parties, social gatherings and the like. If you have your brand logo appearing in an image that seems to ignore current problems, people might think that you are not sensitive to what most of them are going through. Be mindful of what you post on your social media pages, or of the subject, message, image, and content of the email you are sending out. If you make a mistake, people may unsubscribe from your email list or unfollow you from their social media accounts.

Match your branding with your marketing efforts by showing more empathy, spreading positivity, and giving or sharing helpful reminders during this time. Avoid pushing sales or giving customers the impression that buying only from your store can save their lives. Be mindful, and carefully check your content calendar. Take down all the content that is not appropriate during this time.

BT 202005 MARKETING 08在疫情期间的品牌宣传应注重符合道德



One of the things COVID-19 has taught us is to be mindful and compassionate to others. Even if your business is affected and even if it is on its last legs, this would be a perfect time to give back to your clients. Find ways that your brand can help in this pandemic. Think about what your brand’s mission and vision was when you first created your business. Let your brand shine during this crisis. It’s time to bite the bullet!

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