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HR: Using Social Media To Attract New Talent
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Using Social Media To Attract New Talent
By Besty Taylor

BT 202006 HR 02Social media has changed our lives. It has become a vital source of news, the latest trends, and even business! Nearly 50% of employees follow various companies’ social media profiles to stay updated with their latest buzz.

Social recruiting, which is also known as social hiring or social media recruitment, is a technique where the recruiter makes use of social media portals like Weibo, WeChat, LinkedIn and Twitter to post job adverts, find the best talent and communicate with their prospects about the company’s culture.

Being a recruiter, you want to look around for a talented and competent candidate from the largest pool of applicants. Weibo, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have more than 2.5 billion combined users. This equates to one of the biggest talent pools for your company globally.

More and more people are joining social media networks today. They leverage these portals for job searches, making social hiring an imperative aspect for businesses worldwide. Recruiters at small or even large companies are now leveraging social media networks like Weibo, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to attract the best possible talent.


BT 202006 HR 03Social Hiring Helps with Quality Hiring!

Social recruiting is all about finding the best candidates and making connections with them. Social media portals provide users with the opportunity to interact, express ideas, and communicate with like-minded people.

Many companies use the aspect of social hiring to recruit candidates, but not all of them are managing it effectively. Some companies still wonder if they can use social media to attract the best talent out there.



BT 202006 HR 05How Social Media Can Help in Hiring The Best Candidates

Every business needs to develop an exclusive social hiring strategy. However, some fundamental aspects can help recruiters get started:

Be a Part of the Right Conversations
The key to social hiring is to cut through the noise and get through to the right group of people. Using hashtags and being active on LinkedIn groups can help get your job posts in front of candidates you hope will apply.

Niche Networks are Crucial
Just about everyone is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn these days. However, recruiters can find the right talent by perusing niche forums and networks. Generate conversations; this may help you find the right person for the right job.

Take a Soft Approach and Promote Your Company Culture
Social hiring is a lot more than posting job adverts via the company accounts. Recruiters must share content that shows potential candidates that your company is an amazing place to work at. People love to explore more about companies that have unique cultures.

Involve Your Employees:
If you have social media power in your workplace, it is vital to encourage your employees to share openings and be evangelists for your brand on different social media portals. Some companies have strict social media policies; however, it is great to allow your staff to talk about their work experiences responsibly, which can pique the curiosity of your prospects.



BT 202006 HR 04How Social Media Recruiting Can Be Beneficial?

The concept that businesses can use social media for recruiting purposes is no longer a gimmick. It has now become a crucial channel for sourcing the best talent and promoting company culture. It also has some other amazing benefits, which are as follows:

Reach out to Passive Candidates
Social media provide recruiters the best approach to reach out to elusive, passive candidates. LinkedIn is primarily a network of professionals organized by company, industry and job title, along with several other categories.

Consider Passion and Talent First-hand
Users mostly post a lot about their passion and skills on their social profiles. Recruiters can look around for such passionate people and browse through their amazing skills to find out whether they would be the best person for a job.

Get Resumes Without Even Asking For Them
On LinkedIn, and even on Facebook, you can browse through an individual’s profile, their work history and academic details. This helps recruiters know if a candidate has the required experience that a job calls for before reaching out to them.

Look Around for the Perfect Cultural Fit
Social media portals allow recruiters to learn more about an individual’s hobbies, which helps them conclude what sort of personality a person has. In this way, you can look around for candidates who are competent and may prove to be a perfect fit for your workplace.

Filter out the Bad Ones
Some people behave poorly on social media. Browsing through the content a potential candidate shares online gives you an idea of what sort of an attitude he or she has.

Save More
Unless you are posting jobs via paid campaigns, social media hiring is totally free.



BT 202006 HR 06Create the Right Social Media Recruiting Approach!

What may work for your company may not work for another one. Therefore, it is imperative to create an exclusive social hiring strategy that makes sense for your company and the particular jobs you are hiring for. Social hiring can prove to be an extension of your broader recruiting process, along with other crucial social media strategies, allowing the company to operate like a well-oiled machine.

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