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TRAVEL: Montevideo.
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A Vibrant City Rich in Cultural Life

By Nikita Jaeger

BT 202009 TRAVEL 08Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city, is a global destination characterized by a unique personality, cafe culture, and beach ambiance. It is located on the north-eastern bank of the Rio de La Plata that separates Argentina's northern coast from Uruguay's southern coast. The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is just 230 kilometres west.

Over one-third of the population of Uruguay resides in Montevideo, which is a global city in the ‘beta’ category, rated high on quality of life in Latin America. It is quiet and little-known to travellers. Most of the attractions here are very enjoyable. The city is full of scenic views, theatres, museums, shopping spots, and parks.

This beautiful cultural hub's architecture includes buildings of all types and eras, from neoclassical to postmodern style. The frontage of many buildings in Montevideo Old Town shows the massive European immigration to the city, and perfectly reflects ancient European architecture.

The people of Montevideo are known for their relaxed lifestyle, even in a bustling economy. It is a great travel spot for people of all ages, including solo female sightseers.

蒙得维的亚,一个充满文化和活力的城市。乌拉圭人口的三分之一以上居住在这里,同时,这也是这个国家的首都。这是一个以独特的个性,咖啡馆文化和海滩氛围为特征的热门旅游地。这里轻松,优雅,美丽,带有很多的欧洲古建筑。它位于拉普拉塔河的东北岸,将阿根廷的北部海岸与乌拉圭的南部海岸分隔开。阿根廷的首都布宜诺斯艾利斯(Buenos Aires)向西仅230公里。这篇文章为您介绍蒙德维的亚这个旅游城市的签证要求,前往方式,以及著名景点。

Visa Requirements

BT 202009 TRAVEL 10Many nationals require a tourist or online visa to enter Uruguay, but certain nationals have no hurdle to get a visa in advance of their travel. Citizens of countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Paraguay and Peru may cross the border with only an identity card.

For staying in Uruguay for 90 days, nationals of Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia don't require a visa, but they need to have a passport that remains valid for six months during their stay in Uruguay.

If you wish to stay longer, you have to get an extension from the immigration department, which costs US$ 28 for a three-month extension. Another option is to leave Uruguay and re-enter, which you will certainly have to do if you want to stay for more than 180 days. An illegal stay is a big NO in the country. You will be charged at least US$ 28 as an overstay fine, but this varies without notice.

Passengers will be charged US$ 31 as an international departure tax when leaving Uruguay by air. For those flying to Argentina, however, the fee is just US$17. There is no reciprocity fee for entry by land.

How to reach Montevideo

BT 202009 TRAVEL 09Being the political and economic centre of Uruguay, Montevideo has fast and modernized economic development, which has increased the integration of this mesmerizing city globally. The port of Montevideo is one of the most important seaports in South America. You can reach Montevideo using three major transport modes––by air, by boat, and by bus/car. There are no railways to reach the city.

By air
Carrasco International Airport, the largest airport in Uruguay, is located at Ciudad de la Costa in Canelones, an extension of Montevideo's metropolitan region. It is traveller-friendly, and the most efficient airport in Latin America. This airport, which is 15 kilometres east of Montevideo, is linked to the city centre by a few arterial roads.

The international airports in Uruguay have limited connections as it is a small nation, so you will first have to travel to a neighbouring country. Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city, is a perfect choice from which to start your travel to Montevideo.

BT 202009 TRAVEL 01By road
If you possess at least basic Spanish skills, choosing a city bus is the perfect option as they are reliable and economical. To rent a car is not a feasible option in Montevideo due to high fees and heavy traffic on the roads.

By waterways
You can visit Montevideo on boats and ferries. Using ferries, it takes only two hours to reach Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo, located near downtown. There are sailings every day from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

Moving around the city

You can hire a taxi to sightsee. Like most places, Montevideo also has ridesharing services. Bicycle exploration is a good option as the city is not very large, and Montevideo has a pubic bike-share program with well set up stations.

Best seasons to visit Montevideo

BT 202009 TRAVEL 000As Montevideo has humid subtropical weather conditions, every season offers an ideal climate to explore. The best months to visit Montevideo are March¬–May and September–November. The volatile spring season is more favourable for outdoor activities. There can be infrequent rain showers, but these will seldom disturb your travel plans.

Summer retreats in Montevideo are popular. Warm weather and low humidity are a benefit to cities along the coast, particularly Montevideo. The city is renowned for its pleasing beaches and vibrant summer flair, hosting various events and festivals.

Famous spots to explore

Rambla of Montevideo

BT 202009 TRAVEL 12Rambla is the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. It is an avenue that runs along the Rio de la Plata and continues over 22 kilometres, all along the Montevideo coastline. This world heritage site is a primary part of the Montevidean identity. It offers the best environment to engage in jogging, fishing, sunbathing, skateboarding, biking, kite-flying, etc..

The beautiful sunsets and landscape provide a lovely experience. Along La Rambla, one can enjoy the city skyline and many beaches. The most popular beaches are Playa Pocitos and Honda Beach, which is popular for its beach sports, and for water sports like surfing in strong waves and deep water. Other sought-after beaches are Playa Verde, Ramirez Beach, and Playa de Los Ingleses.

Ciudad Vieja – The Old City

BT 202009 TRAVEL 13The old town, Ciudad Vieja, is the most notable barrio of Montevideo due to its colonial architecture. It has several national heritage spots, colonial buildings, museums, art galleries, restaurants, administrative offices, etc. The famous Metropolitan Cathedral is also another attraction of the area. Ciudad Vieja is full of history and is busiest and most eventful at night. The old town's nightlife is a big event, providing fun and entertainment for adults. Night clubs and restaurants make it very lively.

Every golden age building in Montevideo has an impressive structure, and you will definitely appreciate them. Montevideo's most significant square is Plaza Independencia, which is just three kilometres from the city centre. At the centre of the plaza is the Artigas Mausoleum. Many important buildings, such as the Solis Theatre and Uruguay President's secretariat, surround this plaza.

Palacio Salvo

The iconic structure with 27 floors

BT 202009 TRAVEL 14Palacio Salvo offers everything from a cinema hall to hotels. It is located at the intersection of Plaza Independence and 18 de Julio Avenue. The top portion of the palace once had a lighthouse and parabolic 36-inch mirror, but this was later replaced by a set of antennas. The total height of the structure, including the antenna, was then 100 metres. The height of the current building is 95 metres, as the antenna were removed in November 2012. It was a luxury hotel in the beginning, but this closed down due to massive loss. Currently, it is a residential complex and office block.

Montevideo has many subsidiary forts and public parks, namely Parque Batlle, Parque Prado, and Pardue Rodó. The nightlife of Montevideo has recently moved to Parque Rodó, because there are more recreational facilities there.

Things to do in Montevideo

Eats in Montevideo

BT 202009 TRAVEL 15The public markets in Montevideo are worth a visit. You can find local ingredients and enjoy the local cuisine. The best spot for traditional food and beverage is the port market, Mercado del Puerto, where you can sample different dishes of Uruguayan cuisine like alfajores and asado. If you are a vegan, you may start with cortado coffee at cafes in Montevideo, or you can have torta frita, a pan-fried cake consumed mainly in Montevideo.

The Montevideo Carnival

BT 202009 TRAVEL 02The Montevideo Carnival is one of the most prolonged celebrations globally, and is celebrated for 40 days, from the last week of January to March. The festival exhibits the cultural richness of the city.

A trip to wineries

BT 202009 TRAVEL 17You can enjoy visiting the wineries close to the city, which will be a memorable experience to help you understand the winemaking process. Tannat is a unique grape variety of Uruguay. You can find wine bars and breweries that specialize in red wine production.


BT 202009 TRAVEL 06Montevideo is a small but modernized eco-friendly location, set in a pleasingly warm atmosphere, and it offers a satisfying experience for your mind and soul. A trip to Montevideo will certainly entertain you in ways that you didn’t realise you needed. Experience it to the fullest!

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