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Baidu to launch paid driverless ride-hailing services in Beijing from May 2
Published on: 2021-04-30
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Baidu has announced that its fully driverless autonomous taxi service will be hitting the streets of Beijing from May 2, making it the first available paid robotaxi service in China.

Its Apollo Go service will initially be available at Shougang Park -- one of the venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics -- where passengers can travel between sport halls, work areas, coffee shops, hotels, and be available to shuttle athletes and staff during the Olympics.

Using the Apollo Go app, passengers can locate a self-driving taxi in the vicinity and hail a driverless ride through a self-service process. Once the car arrives, users are required to scan a QR code and health code on the car for identify verification and COVID-19 contact tracing before the doors of the autonomous unlock. Once a passenger has boarded, they push the "start the journey" button for the ride to begin.

The company, however, emphasised before any trip begins the system will go through "all the passenger safety protocol checks" including ensuring that all seat belts are fastened and doors are shut, and that a human operators will be able remotely access the vehicle over 5G during "exceptional" emergencies.


4月29日,百度方面宣布,作为中国首批“共享无人车”的百度Apollo无人驾驶Robotaxi正式开启常态化商业运营,向公众全面开放。5月2日起,公众通过百度Apollo GO App约车,可以在北京首钢园等区域,约到自动驾驶出行平台Apollo GO提供的“共享无人车”。

据悉,北京首钢园是2022年冬奥会组委会和部分比赛场馆所在地,是交通流密集的半开放区域。百度Apollo GO“共享无人车”运营路线途经首钢园区场馆区、工作区、停车场、咖啡厅、酒店,可满足用户绝大部分休闲、办公出行需求。

据百度方面的介绍,百度Apollo此次开放的Robotaxi可实现完全无人驾驶。Apollo GO“共享无人车”基于无人化运营流程,设置了步行VR导航、遥控车辆鸣笛确认等功能,方便乘客寻找车辆。


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