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CEO of a Foreign education institution swept away all the money and ran away
Published on: 2021-08-17
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Holland Education stated that at the end of July, CEO Jake Hall hid all employees, teachers, and parents and fled back to the UK with his family. Jake Hall owed the company's employees nearly two months of wages, reimbursement paid by some employees, and payments from Chinese suppliers. Through his Hong Kong account, Jake Hall has swept away all parents' tuition fees and study abroad consultation fees, and the overall arrears may exceed tens of millions.

Holland Education stated that at noon on the 13th, Jake Hall hurriedly declared bankruptcy via video and refused to give any explanation for the debt he owed. In the afternoon, Jake Hall closed all employees' mailboxes and company-related accounts, and shred a large number of company documents. There is currently no penny in the company's account, and none of the executives can be contacted or fled back to the UK.

Holland Education stated that all the victims of the company have reported to the Shanghai police. If paying parents want to defend their rights, they can directly find the British company or Jake Hall in the UK, and they can call the police in China.

According to Holland Education, the company was established in London in 2004. It is a global education institution dedicated to studying in private schools in the UK. It aims to provide professional British private school consulting services and examination training for 7-16 year-old global students. , Guardianship and other one-stop services. In 2012, the company expanded its business to Dubai and established a Shanghai office in 2017.


8月13日,霍兰德教育官方公众号发公告称,霍兰德教育CEO Jake Hall 已在7月底隐瞒所有员工、老师、家长等举家潜逃回英国,并于13日中午通过视频匆匆宣布破产。公告还称,Jake Hall 还拖欠了员工工资和中国供应商款项,并卷走所有家长的课时费和留学咨询费,整体欠款可能超过千万。目前,霍兰德公司账户上已无一分钱。


Jake Hall拖欠公司将近80名员工半年的五险一金和税费扣除了员工缴纳部分,但未缴纳给中国政府,将近2个月工资和其他员工自行贴补的报销款。所有英籍的高管都已经联系不到,Jake Hall在匆匆宣布破产后迅速关闭了所有员工邮箱,以及公司相关账户,粉碎大量公司文件。

从天眼查上看到,霍兰德教育的法人是HALL JAKE SIMON,注册资本:100万人民币,成立日期:2018年4月13日。今年4月,公司的投资人和注册资本,从HPE CHINA(HOLDINGS)LIMITED变更为位于香港的Holland Park China Limited,持股比例100%,注册资本从50万元增长到100万元。

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