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Former Huawei Budget Brand Honor to Add Google Services to Its Smartphones
Published on: 2021-10-14
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Chinese smartphone brand Honor will equip their smartphones with Google Mobile Services (GMS), the company announced by a tweet on Monday, nearly a year after getting its independence from Huawei.

The first product to include GMS will be Honor 50 smartphone, which was announced back in June with similar look as Huawei P50 featuring photograph functionalities among others.

Honor smartphones used to be shipped without GMS because Google banned Huawei from doing so following an unfair restriction issued by the U.S. government.

Not long after the new Honor company was set up, its head George Zhao told media they would talk with companies like Google to restore services on their once-blocked devices.

GMS is Google's software infrastructure on Android devices. Many influential mobiles apps from the internet giant, including YouTube, Google Earth and the Play Store, depend on GMS to run.

Many Android users have taken the existence of GMS for granted, not knowing the two are different software. It can be expected that Honor smartphones will sell easier with GMS pre-installed.



荣耀11日晚间在社交平台推特(Twitter)上发布消息称,荣耀已和多家供应商初步确定合作,新机Honor 50将搭载Google行动服务(GMS,Google Mobile Services)系统。

Google开发的Android虽是开源系统,但GMS仍须授权。GMS包含Google Map、Gmail和Google Play等应用程式,对试图拓展国际市场的荣耀至关重要。荣耀执行长(CEO)赵明8月受访时表示,今年对国际市场的目标,是恢复市占率。


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