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The 105th China Food & Drinks Fair will be held in Tianjin
Published on: 2021-10-18
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The 105th China Food & Drinks Fair will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) from October 19 to 21, 2021. It is reported that the fair will set up the traditional wine, wine and international spirits, food and beverage, condiments and ingredients, food machinery, food packaging six exhibition areas and international beer, wine, international machinery, beverage and dairy products and other features of the area.

According to the introduction, the pavilion will also set up 5 multi-functional areas corresponding to categories, through the “packaging design competition, cooking competition, bartender competition, new product recommendation, wine tasting” and other forms of activities, to enhance the exhibition’s professionalism and interest, effectively attract visitors, and drive the overall popularity of the pavilion.

This year, the fair has made detailed planning for new product promotion activities. The special page of “New Product List” has been set in the WeChat small program of the fair, and the list of new/hot products has been made according to each category. New product display wall will be set up in the venue, and new product promotion link will be set up in the multi-functional activity area and special matchmaking meeting for VIP purchasers to introduce new products to B-end purchasers and develop sales channels.

In addition, this event will also carry out online publicity and display for new products of key exhibitors through media matrix, and display through LED large-screen rotarycasting in the exhibition venue. At the same time, it will actively promote exhibitors to participate in happy shopping activities outside the exhibition site and sales activities in the exhibition site to attract C-end consumers, conduct new product testing and increase product exposure.

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)








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