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China's First Surgical Robot Developed in Tianjin
Published on: 2010-07-22
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Robots can now help out with complicated surgeries in operating theaters. After three years of research, China's first surgical robot for minimally invasive surgery has been successfully developed in Tianjin.This could be the newest addition to operating theatres across the world.

Doctors control the robot called Micro Hand A by looking at the 3D projection on the big screen.

Micro Hand A "obediently" performs delicate procedures such as cutting, suturing and knot-tying inside a patient's body. It's also capable of providing feedback and sending patient information to doctors who will make precise adjustments.

Experiments on animals have been carried out successfully using Micro Hand A. As a major breakthrough for surgical robots in China, Micro Hand A will be applied in regular and cardiac surgeries and will significantly lower costs.

Jiang Xueming, ASS. Chief Physician, Hospital of Tianjin University, said, "In the past medical instruments could not bend, and later some could turn left or right. But surgical robots are dexterous, capable of making 360-degree turns. And robots can be controlled remotely. There are a lot of benefits."

An evaluation committee says the system has large market potential. Micro Hand A is already being used in a few Tianjin hospitals.
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