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Tianjin's Latest Entry Policy
Published on: 2022-07-04
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Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters gave an authoritative answer to Tianjin's adjustment of key control measures.

Why do low-risk areas come to Tianjin and need to do three times nucleic acid tests?

Low-risk areas are other areas in the counties (cities, districts, and flags) where medium- and high-risk areas are located. "Personal protection and avoiding gatherings" are implemented, and a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate is required after leaving the city. In other areas, people with a history of living in low-risk areas within the past 7 days are required to complete 2 times nucleic acid tests within 3 days and conduct health monitoring.

Is it not necessary to report to Tianjin from areas that are not involved in the epidemic?

People who come to Tianjin from other places still need to report to the community, so that it is convenient to trace the risks when the epidemic occurs in the places they pass through.

How to count if there is an epidemic in the area where the station is located?

If there is no epidemic in the transportation station, only exposure to the transportation station and effective protection does not belong to the history of sojourn in principle.

What is the calculation for the inbound personnel who arrive in our city outside of our city?

After the centralized isolation period expires, home health monitoring is still required for 3 days.

Cities with medium and high risk areas such as Shanghai and Beijing are not reflected in the external inspection and control table. Will they still be controlled after returning to Tianjin?

You can view the two tables of the medium and high risk area map and the field inspection and control map together. They do not belong to the medium, high and low risk areas. There are existing closed (management) control areas, prevention areas, medium and high risk areas and the counties where the above-mentioned risk areas are located. And if it is not reflected in the field investigation and control map, no control is required. If a local epidemic occurs within 7 days of the passing place, it may be retrospectively controlled.













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