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Cancer vaccine will be ready before 2030, COVID-19 scientists say
Published on: 2022-10-18
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The husband-and-wife team who co-founded BioNTech, the biotechnology company that partnered with Pfizer to develop an effective messenger-RNA (mRNA) shot against COVID-19, has predicted that a cancer vaccine could be widely available within the next decade.

"Yes, we feel that a cure for cancer, or to changing cancer patients' lives, is in our grasp," said Professor OzlemTureci during an interview on BBC's "Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg."

The cancer vaccine, which would build upon breakthroughs achieved by the scientists during the development of the COVID-19 shot, may be widely available within just eight years, said Professor UgurSahin.

"We believe that this will happen, definitely, before 2030," he told Keunssberg.

The hope is that a vaccine currently in development would train the body to recognize and attack cancers using mRNA technology.

"The goal that we have is that can we use the individualized vaccine approach to ensure that directly after surgery, patients receive a personalized, individualized vaccine, and we induce an immune response that so the T-cells in the body of the patient can screen the body for remaining tumor cells and ideally eliminate the tumor cells," Sahin explained.



BioNTech是欧洲最大生物技术独角兽,与美国辉瑞合作研发生产了mRNA新冠疫苗。据报道,该公司联合创始人乌古尔•萨欣(Uurahin)和奥兹朗•图雷利(zlem Türeci)夫妻在接受BBC采访时表示,研究已经取得了突破,这让他们对未来几年癌症疫苗上市持乐观态度。当被问及基于mRNA的癌症疫苗何时可以用于患者时,萨欣表示,它们可能会在“2030 年之前”上市。


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