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Amazon to close China app store in July
Published on: 2023-05-26
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Amazon.com will close its official app store in China in July, the latest retreat from the Chinese market by the US tech giant following last year's announcement that its Kindle e-book service would also shut.

An Amazon representative said the Amazon Appstore, launched in 2011 as an alternative to Google for Android phone users to install apps and games, will be "discontinued". However, its official shopping site Amazon.cn will remain operational, as will other services such as Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Global Store and cloud unit Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The app store service will shut down on July 17, according to Chinese media The Paper, citing a Tuesday email from Amazon Appstore sent to users, which did not elaborate on the reasons for quitting the market. The Amazon Appstore could not be downloaded from its official Chinese site as of Tuesday.


美国电商巨头亚马逊突然宣布,自7月17日起,停运亚马逊中文官方网站(Amazon.cn),与此同时,亚马逊中国将不再提供应用商店服务。报道称,亚马逊发言人表示,亚马逊中文官方网站停运前,公司会与卖家密切合作,确保顺利过渡并继续为客户提供最佳的服务。5月23日,澎湃新闻记者获悉,亚马逊应用商店发送邮件提醒称,自7月17日起,亚马逊中国将不再提供应用商店服务。公开资料显示,Amazon Appstore是亚马逊公司推出的应用商店,也是旗下的FireOS系统的官方应用商店以及安卓系统的第三方正版应用商店,于2011年3月22日启用,目前已经在将近200个国家可用。和亚马逊购物APP不同的是,亚马逊应用商店主要提供应用程序和游戏等内容下载,可以在亚马逊中国官方网站下载此应用商店,并通过亚马逊账号下载各类应用。去年亚马逊曾宣布,旗下的Kindle电子书店将在国内停止运营。据通知,亚马逊将于今年6月30日在中国停止Kindle电子书店的运营。在此之后,将不能购买新的电子书。对于已经购买的电子书,可以在2024年6月30日之前下载,并且可以在此后继续阅读。

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