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Tianjin House fund introduce new rules from September 1
Published on: 2023-09-01
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Starting from September 1, new policies have been introduced for employees to withdraw provident funds, and five new situations have been added, including the withdrawal of provident funds to pay renovation costs after urban renewal increases the housing area.

1. If the area of existing houses in the administrative area of this city is increased due to renovation and upgrading of old residential areas and urban renewal, the owner of the house (public house lessee), his spouse, and direct blood relatives can pay the renovation cost for the increased area of the house Apply for withdrawal of housing provident fund.

The withdrawal applicant shall apply for the withdrawal of housing provident fund at one time within two years after the completion of the project. For the same house, the total amount of housing provident fund withdrawn shall not exceed the renovation cost paid for the increased area of the house.

2. If the employee terminates or terminates the labor relationship with the unit and does not continue to pay and deposit in another place, after the housing provident fund account has been sealed for half a year, he can withdraw all the stored balance in his housing provident fund account and cancel the housing provident fund account.

3. Employees who are included in the scope of minimum living security for urban residents or borderline families of minimum living security in this city can withdraw the balance of the housing provident fund account of themselves and their spouses. The housing provident fund deposited during and before the scope of coverage.

4. If an employee or his or her spouse or minor child is hospitalized for a major disease, he or she may apply for withdrawing the balance of the housing provident fund account of the employee and his/her spouse within one year from the date of discharge from the hospital. The total withdrawn amount shall not exceed the individual borne portion of the hospitalization expenses. Major diseases are subject to the scope of major diseases issued by the Insurance Association of China and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

When employees withdraw housing provident funds according to this announcement, neither they nor their spouses have outstanding personal housing provident fund loans in this city.

This circular will come into force on September 1, 2023 and will be valid for 5 years.










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