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Beauty products livestreamer loses 1 million followers after ugly response
Published on: 2023-09-13
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China's top beauty products livestreamer Li Jiaqi drew wide criticism on Sunday for picking on an audience member who said the eyebrow pencil Li was promoting was too pricey.

Within just one day, more than 1 million people had unfollowed Li on Weibo.com. His follower base plunged from 30.43 to 29.46 million and is projected to keep dropping.

Li's Weibo page count shows his followers dropped from 30.43 million people to 29.46 million in just one day.

While Li was promoting an eyebrow pencil priced at 79 yuan (US$10.84) from Florasis, a Chinese beauty products brand, a viewer left a comment: “it is becoming more and more pricey.”

Li retorted in no time: “Why on earth do you feel it pricey? ... Find the reason (you feel it pricey) somewhere in yourself. Any pay raise over the past years? Have you put your heart into your job?"

The taunting response angered many viewers and the incident quickly made it to the top of trending topics on Weibo.com on Monday.

Hours after his retort, Li posted an apology on his Weibo account, saying he was deeply sorry for disappointing his audience. As a livestreamer, he should promote positive energy and learn to control his emotions better, he said.

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