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Traffic restriction on next weekend in Tianjin
Published on: 2023-10-08
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In order to ensure the normal progress of related activities during the construction and dismantling of the Tianjin Marathon, starting from 21:00 on October 14, temporary traffic control measures will be implemented on relevant roads in time and sections. Except for vehicles holding special certificates for the 2023 Tianjin Marathon, No other vehicles are allowed to pass.

(1) From 21:00 on October 14, the section of Youyi Road (from Xiyuan Road to Binshui Road), the section of Binguin South Road (from Binguin West Road to Youyi Road), the section of Pingjiang Road (from Youyi Road to Longchang Road), and the section of Binguin West Road All vehicles are prohibited from passing through the section (Binshui Road to Hotel South Road), Binshui West Road (Lingbin Road to Weijin South Road) from west to east, and the section of North Fifteenth Meridian Road (Haihe East Road to Liuwei Road). Passing vehicles can bypass Zijinshan Road, Meteorological Observatory Road, Heiniucheng Road, Jianshan Road, Longchang Road, Weijin South Road and other roads.

(2) From 0:00 on October 15, the section of Haihe East Road (from Dazhigu West Road to North 15th Meridian Road), Liuwei Road (north to south direction from North 15th Meridian Road to 14th Meridian Road), Chongqing The section of the road (Hengyang Road to Hebei Road) is closed to all vehicles. Passing public vehicles can detour to Liuwei Road, 14th Meridian Road and other roads.





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