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Autonomous driving companies in China allowed to run more manned demonstration activities on city mortorways
Published on: 2024-02-26
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Several autonomous driving companies in China has been permitted to carry out more manned demonstration activities on city motorways, latest development of Chinese autonomous driving firms supported by government policies.

Chinese autonomous driving company Pony.ai said recently that the roads between the Beijing Daxing International Airport and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a length of more than 40 kilometer of highways, could allow L4 driving, which means a vehicle could operate itself without the active intervention of a human driver.

The route contains urban roads and highway scenarios, including about 40 kilometers of expressways.

Pony.ai has launched the airport pick-up and drop-off function on the taxi-hailing app.

Market watchers said that urban travel at airports and high-speed rail stations are an important part of the commercialization of autonomous driving, which means more mature iterations of technical capabilities, as well as exploration of revenue models.

Earlier in November of 2023, a circular released by four ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transport, said that China will pilot market access for intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) and allow them to run on public roads.

Cities will choose some ICV models equipped with automated driving functions, capable of being mass-produced, to grant them market access and test the selected vehicles on designated city roads.

In a work report delivered by Beijing municipal government in 2024, the capital city said it will launch the construction of a high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone and promote the orderly opening of key application scenarios such as airports, train stations, and urban road cleaning.



据介绍,该项高速自动驾驶接驳面向公众开放后,旅客和市民可通过WeRide Go App预约文远知行Robotaxi,可选择在北京经开区内近300个上下车接驳站点与大兴机场航站楼之间往返,路程涵盖多个城区道路及高速道路场景,其中高速场景约40公里,车辆可自动完成盘绕匝道、通过高速收费站等一系列动作。

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