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Hello. I trust that you have all enjoyed some great Castello Banfi wines this past September. 
For the month of October, I would like to take things back to one of the places where I grew up and introduce you to the most exquisite Malbec.
One of the six grapes that comprise the famous Bordeaux Blend, its history spans over hundreds of years with both highly celebrated and near tragic moments.
One of the most popular grapes in the world, Malbec lost some of its status after the great frost of 1956 in France, finding a new haven and increased popularity in places like Argentina, where it is made into a full varietal wine, and Cahors, in the South of France, where blended wines require at least 70% of Malbec in order to abide by the regions’ AOC.
In Argentina, as mentioned earlier, the love of full bodied, rich and strong wines is a perfect pairing with the amazing beef cuts found there. Producing ink-coloured wines that are robust and tannic, Malbec has now become an icon of the South American country. That is not to say, however, that this great wine was the favourite of the Romans, Henry III and Peter The Great- to name but a few aficionados of this grape.
Our refreshed wine list will be showcasing 4 distinct wines from Argentina, my personal favourites being Terrazas and Trivento Golden Reserve; the latter with a very palatable long finish that pairs amazingly well with steak.
Like the neighbouring wines from Chile, Malbec wines can be enjoyed over and over with a meal or with friends at a great value for the product.
I invite you to enjoy these and many other wines paired with an exquisite selection of veal cuts prepared especially in October by our Chef de Cuisine Alain Li at the Riviera Restaurant or with the array of Wagyu and Angus cuts also prepared by our dedicated Chefs.
I look forward to welcoming you this month and meeting you personally over a glass of this incredible wine.
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