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The St. Regis Bar 瑞吉酒吧

1F, The St. Regis Tianjin. No. 158 Zhang Zi Zhong Road, Heping District 和平区张自忠路158号天津瑞吉金融街酒店一层(津塔旁,哈密道正对面)

Category:Bars & Discos

River Lounge 畔吧

The St. Regis Tianjin, No. 158, Zhang Zi Zhong Lu, Heping District 和平区张自忠路158号天津瑞吉金融街酒店(津塔旁,哈密道正对面)

Category:Bars & Discos

O'Hara's 海维林酒吧

Astor Wing, The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Tianjin No. 33, Tai'er Zhuang Lu Heping District 利顺德翼,和平区台儿庄路33号天津利顺德大饭店豪华精选酒店一层

Category:Bars & Discos

China Bleu 中国蓝酒吧

50F, Tangla Hotel Tianjin, No. 219 Nanjing Lu, Heping District 南京路219号天津唐拉雅秀酒店50层

Category:Bars & Discos

Milan Wines (Rong Ye Wine Shop)

No. 175 Rongye Avenue, Heping District, Tianjin 天津市和平区荣业大街175乙

Category:Wine Stores

Milan Wines (Bin Xi Wine Shop)

No. 187 Binshui West Rd., Nankai District, Tianjin 天津市南开区宾水西道187号

Category:Wine Stores

Milan Wines (TEDA Wine Shop)

No.8 Eastern Apartment, 2nd Avenue, TEDA 天津市开发区第二大街二号东方名居底商8号

Category:Wine Stores

Milan Wines (Bailou Wine Bar & Cellar)

Kaifeng Dao, Heping District, Tianjin (Near Hisense Plaza) 天津市和平区小白楼街开封道酒吧街

Category:Wine Stores

Milan Wines (Galaxy Shopping Center)

Tianjin Galaxy International Shopping Mall B1-037 天津银河购物中心 B1-37

Category:Wine Stores

Riviera Restaurant 蔚蓝海法餐厅

1F, The St. Regis Tianjin No. 158, Zhang Zizhong Road Heping District 和平区张自忠路158号天津瑞吉金融街酒店一层(津塔旁,哈密道正对面)

Category:Western Food
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