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AULARE 艾伊莎贝西餐厅

Magnetic Plaza, Building A4, 2nd Floor, Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District. 天津市南开区宾水西道奥城商业广场A4座2楼, TIANJIN, CHINA, 300381
+86 18722290691
Aulare Tianjin Restaurant is where the flavors of Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and South and Central American are completely at home in China. It’s everything an exotic journey should be, while only an arm’s length from downtown Tianjin.

Our Chefs are pleased to welcome you to AULARE and to serve you Exotic Latin Cuisine in a private home-style atmosphere. We cook to your taste- mild, medium or hot and spicy. All cooking is done with cholesterol-free Mediterranean Olive Oil. We also have special meals for children.

We also offer:

Business Meetings and Parties
Takeout and catering
Organize parties and get-together
Private parties
Special Occasion events
Our foreign bartenders will bring you some exotic and tantalizing drinks of Caribbean and South-Central America and adds to your romantic evening with us!

We also specialize in preparing low fat, low calorie & vegan dishes for the vegetarian enthusiasts. We welcome you, family & friends to come enjoy the exotic & delicious Latin and international cuisine with us!

We are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday.

Come join us and get a taste of Spain, Portugal, Italy and South-Central America. Get involved and enjoy the world of Latin World.
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Address: Magnetic Plaza, Building A4, 6th Floor, Binshui Xi Dao.
Nankai District. 300381 TIANJIN. PR CHINA
Tel: +86 22 23917700
E-mail: webmaster@businesstianjin.com
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