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Great Wall Trip Organised by China Connexxion Language Center
Great Wall, Beijing -
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Everybody's welcome to join us for our annual trip to the Wild Great Wall(parts of the great wall still un-restored and so you can get a more authentic feel of history).
We're planning to see the Wild wall north of Beijing on Sunday 8th April.
The location is very convenient and allows quick access onto the wall. You need to be reasonably fit, but we'll split into groups so people can go their own pace. We aiming for the time when all the flowers are in bloom on the hillsides, white splashes covering the green trees. 
Bring Friends and family (we've had 3 year-olds scamper up with us before). Feel free to bring your own food for a picnic, whilst enjoying the spectacular scenery. But please remember to take your trash home. For those who would also like to try some local delicacies like barbecued fish, we can ask one of the 2 restaurants nearby to prepare a meal for Lunch.

Price: Please confirm your place and deposit 50RMB before April 2nd at our office in Tianjin. We'll split the cost for coach rental amongst us. There is no entry fee, just 2-7RMB access charge by the landowners.
Fiona 1338 9919 589(Chinese)
David 1533 2059 373(English)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Great Wall, Beijing
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