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COVER STORY: Enjoy the Haihe River Lifestyle. Tianjin Arcadia Court
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Enjoy the Haihe River Lifestyle
Tianjin Arcadia Court

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Tianjin Arcadia Court is the residential part of Tianjin Kerry Centre that together with Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, and the shopping mall Riverview Place, forms the area with best international living standards and highest well-being in Tianjin.

Situated opposite Tianjin’s traditional CBD on Haihe East within Tianjin’s Inner Ring Road, Tianjin Arcadia Court is blessed with an excellent geographical location.

The three 61-storey buildings and 1,126 exquisite residential units are served by Metro Line 9, just one stop away from Tianjin station, and also offer transfers to Lines 2 and 3 and facilitate reaching Beijing by Express Train within 30 minutes.

An extensive network of bridges and multi-lane roadways also allow speedy access to the BinHai New Area. Located in the Haihe East CBD, residents of Tianjin Arcadia Court can enjoy the best of business and leisure living.

Tianjin Arcadia Court covers 180,000 sqm, with three 61-storey buildings providing 1,126 meticulously finished residential units. The 200-metre high-rise building with the south-facing upper levels offers a particularly rare and unrivalled view of the Haihe River and the city below. Units vary from 80-190 sqm, with one to three bedrooms, allowing a wide range of choices for different needs.

The environment of Tianjin Arcadia Court embraces the simplicity of nature. Inhale the aroma of the garden as you sit at the base of a majestic tree. Enjoy the breath-taking Tianjin skyline from the lush green surroundings of the private rooftop garden. Experience the warmth and comfort of arriving home via the lush private driveways of the apartments.

The vivid foliage and idyllic landscape creates moments where these apartments can serve as your personal oasis in the city. Some features and decorations of the Tianjin Arcadia Court are:

- Facade with excellent durability
- Low Window, Energy Efficiency and Sound Insulation
- Same Floor Drainage System that avoids leaks and Drainage Noise
- Double Layer of Waterproofing, Highly Protected against leaks
- Quality Composite Wood Flooring
- High Quality Reconstituted Stone
- Under Floor Heating System, Stable Temperature Control
- Instant Hot Water Supply, Saves Time and Water
- Electronic Lock for Convenience and Security
- Multifunctional Access Card System
- High-speed Elevator

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From one to three bedroom units, many layouts are available at Tianjin Arcadia Court to cater to different household needs. Embracing Tianjin’s cityscape and the city rhythm is an unprecedented enjoyment derived while living at Tianjin Arcadia Court.

It is under Kerry Properties Management which upholds the spirit of striving for excellence and provides professional, one-stop personalised service, such:

- 24-hour smart access system and security patrols assure residents of safety and peace of mind;

- 24-hour concierge service rivaling that of leading 5-star hotels is provided in Tianjin Arcadia Court, which includes laundry service, express mail collection service, book/magazine ordering service, electricity bill payment service and many other services to help residents enjoy a pleasurable life, unencumbered by chores and trivial matters;

- To help new owners and tenants get familiar with their new living environment, the Tianjin Arcadia Court property management organises a wide-range of activities to create a harmonious bonhomie of common interests;

- In addition, the concierge at the front desk is able to offer expert assistance related to all aspects of the property as well as general life and activities in Tianjin. Their mission is to provide a full spectrum of services to residents;

- We attach great importance to maintaining the gardens and seasonal flower decorations in the Central Garden and all living spaces. The goal is to create a quality environment that is natural, lush and tranquil;

- Generous car parking spaces, meticulous traffic flow management and efficient control of ingress and egress routes are in place so guests and residents can avoid unnecessary waiting time during peak hours;

- 24-hour Wi-Fi connection service is also available in the main lobby and car park lobby to facilitate residents' busy business schedules;

At present, Tianjin Arcadia Court has only over 90 sets of 140-280m2 available for sale. There are only few exquisite two-bedroom, comfortable three-bedroom and wide-four-bedroom apartments for you to choose. Few people will still be able to become members of this highest standard international community!

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